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Bugs and Drugs HEENT

Criteria for diagnosing GAS? No cough Tender cervical LN Erythematous Exudates Fever >38
Complications of GAS tonsillopharyngitis bactremia peritonsillar abscess meningitis Rheumatic fever GN reactive arthritis
When to treat AOM? <6mo: ALWAYS TREAT >6 mo: abx if severe, complicated (perf, unwell) >24 months: observe, tx if unwell
Diagnosis of AOM 1) TM Effusion 2) TM Inflammation 3) Acutely unwell
Treatment regimen AOM? Simple: 5 days Amoxil Complicated: 10 d Amoxil 2nd line: 2nd gen cephalosporin/macrolide
Tx meningitis Full septic workup +/- CT IV vanco/Cefotax or ceftriaxone
Complicating factors for AOM Daycare, recent <3 mo, perforation, unwell
Dental abscess treatment IV Cefazolin/Flagyl (anaerobes and GPB) Dental referral
Diptheria treatment ABCS, antitoxin
Diptheria physical exam psuedomembrane sore throat fever
Sinusitis treatment Amoxil 10 d
Diptheria complications cardiac arrythmias, myocarditis, nerve palsies
Orbital cellulitiis tx Cefazolin/Keflex
photophobia, chemosis, pain on EOM, periorbital cellulitis
Treatment orbital cellulitis Admit, CBC, blood culture, CT head, Vanco/Ceftriaxone ENT/optho consult
Viral prodrome Fever Generalized LN (vs localized) Hepatosplenomegaly Sore throat Tonsillar exudates Diagnosis? Mononucleosis (EBV or CMV)
Lab findings for mono? Atypical lymphocytes (Downey cells) anemia, thrombocytopenia, elevated liver enzymes
Created by: baby_manatee