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Triple A Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Essentials Chapter 7 & 8

What is CMP? Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
What is BMP? Basic Metabolic Panel
Examining by touch and feel is? Palpate
Name 5 departments in the Lab Hemotology, Chemistry, Microbology, Coagulation, Blood Bank, Urinalysis, Immunology, Histology, Cytology
When do you draw out of order? Never
Lavender stopper tube is commomly used to collect? Whole blood specimens for hemotology
What gauge needle is used primarily for infant, child or difficult veins for adults? 23 guage butterfly
Name 10 things on a phlebotomy cart. Gloves, alcohol swabs, needles, evacuated tubes, sharps container, tourniquet, gauze pads, biohazard bags, tape, bandages, antiseptic, hand sanitizers, pen, watch
Slanted tip of the needle is called? bevel
A tourniquet should not be left on any mnore than? 1 minute
The part of the syringe that shows cc or ml is called? Graduated barrel
Which liquid is acceptable to drink when fasting? Water
What is the most critical error a Phlebnotomist can make? Misidentifying a patient or specimen
Where is the best place to apply the tourniquet? 3 to 4 inches above the intended venipuncture site
What is the type of care for patients that are terminally ill? Hospice
When are you allowed to give out patients test results? Never
What can happen when you mix a tube too vigorously? Can cause hemolysis
What is the CLSI required way to clean a venipuncture? Concentric Circles
What requisition informnation must match on the patients armband? Name, Medical Record number and Date of Birth, room #, bed destigination, physician name
Venipuncture needle entry angle is? Between 15 and 30 degrees
Butterfly needle entry angle is? Between 10 and 15 degrees
What number is assigned to a specimen? MR number
If you need and order right away it is called? STAT
POCT testing is done at? Patient's Primary Care facility
Name the oder of draw and tests associated with each. Blood Culture fevers of unknown origins Light Blue d-dimer, PTT, PT, fibrinogen Red Creatinine, B-12,BNP, folate, Cholesterol, Green electrolytes, amonia Lavender CBC, ESR, Hem A1c, sickle cell Gray GTT
Intense fear of needles is called? Needle phobia
What is the order of draw for the following examples of tests? PTT(light blue, coagulation) CMP (red, chemistry) Amonia (green, heparin)
Specimen hemolyzing can result from? Usin a needle smaller than 23, Shaking or vigorously mixing the specimen
Additives should be mixed.. immediately after collection
Additive A substance placed in the a tube or collection container, which can be liquid, powder or spray dried
Anticoagulant Substance that prevents blood from clotting
Bevel Point of the needle that is cut on a slant for ease of skin entry.. determins size of needle
Butterfly Needle Another term for a winged infusion set
Clot Activator A substance that enhances the coagulation factors
EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid- an anticoagulant that prevents coagulation by binding or chelating calcium; used in hemotology
Hub the end of the needle that attaches to the blood collection device; also the threaded end of a tube holder where the needle attaches
Lumen The inner space of a blood vessel or tube
Multisample Needle type of needle that allows multiple tubes to be collected with a single venipuncture
Order of Draw A special sequence in the tube collection that is intended to minimize additive carryover or cross-contamination problems
Sharps Container A specail puncture-resistant, leak proof, disposal container used to dispose of used needles, lancets and other sharp objects
Thixotropic Gel a nonreacting gel substance in EDTA tubes
Winged Infusion Set A 1/2 to 3/4 inch needle connected to tubing with a luer for use with a syringe or multisample adapter (butterfly needle)
Accession process of recording in the order received
Anchor to secure firmly, as in holding a vein in place by pulling the skin tight with the thumb
ASAP as soon as possible
Bedside Manner the behavior of a healthcare provider toward or as preceived by a patient
Concentric Circles starting from the center and movinvg outward in ever-widening arcs
Fasting No food or drink (except water) for approximately 12 hours
MR Number Medical Record Number used fro patient ID
Needle Phobia Intense fear of needles
NPO Nothing by mouth
Palpate examine by feel or touch
Patency State of being freely open, as in the normal condition of a vein
Requisition the form on which tests are ordered and sent to the lab
STAT Right now
Why should adhesive bandages not be used on babies younger than 2 years of age? because of the danger of aspiration and suffication
Sharps container should not be filled more than? 3/4th full
What can be used in place of a tourniquet? A blood pressure cuff (no greater than 40 mm HG)
Most common and efficient system preferred by the CLSI for collecting blood samples ETS (Evacuated Tube System)
3 basic components of the all ETS systems special blood drawing needles, tube holder, and various types of evacuated tubes
ETS needles are called? Multisample needles because they are allow multiple tubes of blood to be collected during a single venipuncture
Tube Holder A clear plastic disposable cylinder with a small threaded opening at one end where the needle screws in and a large opening at the other end where the collection tube is placed
Gauge of green needle 21
Gauge of black needle 22
Multisample needles comes in what lengths? 1 in. or 1 1/2 in.
Components of the ETS bevel, shaft, hub, sleeve over needle, tube holder, evacuated tube, flange
ETS needles with out safety features must be used with tube holders that have safety features
Syringe System components graduated barrel, plunger
An additive tube must be inverted 3 to 10 times
Most common reason for using an additive Is to prevent clotting of the specimen
Most common anticoagulants EDTA, citrates, heparin, oxalate
Citrate prevents coagulation by binding calcium
Heparin prevents cloting by inhibiting thrombin formation
Oxalate prevents coagulation by precipitating calcium
Oxalate inversions 8 to 10 times
Heparin inversions 5 to 10 times
Citrate inversions 3 to 4 times
EDTA inversions 8 to 10 times
Which tube is the source of more carryover problems than any other additive? EDTA
Venipuncture process of collecting or drawing blood from a vein and the most common way to collect blood specimens for lab testing
When reviewing a Requisition you must Check to see all information is correct and complete verify test to be collected and time and date of collection Identify diet restriotions or special circumstance that must be met determine test status or collection priority
CBC can be affected by Pumping of hand
# of Liters in the human body 5L
Challenges frawing generic blood skin changes, hearing, vision, mobility
Wha t do you do once tourniquet is in place? ask to make a fist
What tube is the least to cause carryover problems Heprin/green
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