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Chapter 14-15

Medical Terminology

amenorrhea the absence of menstrual periods
colposcopy the direct visual examination of the tissues of the cervix & vagina using a colposcope
conization surgical removal of a cone=shaped section of tissue from the cervix (cone biopsy)
cryptorchidism a developmental defect in which one testis falls to descend into the scrotum
episiotomy a surgical incision of the perineum & vagina to facilitate delivery & prevent laceration of the tissues
metrorrhexis rupture of the uterus
perimenopause the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods at all
placenta previa abnormal implantation of the placenta in the lower portion of the uterus
pyometritis a pus-containing inflammation of the uterus
circumcision surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis
colostrum the fluid secreted by the breasts during the first days postpartum
crowning stage at which the head can be seen at the vaginal orifice
dysmenorrhea abdominal pain caused by uterine cramps during a menstrual period
fimbriae fringe
oophorectomy surgical removal of one or both ovaries
perimetrium the tough membrane outer layer
pruritus vulvae a condition of severe itching of the external female genitalia
salpingitis inflammation of a fallopian tube; inflammation of eustachian tube
Which condition is inflammation of the lining of the cervix? endocervicitis
What is the main function of the prostate gland? To secrete a thick fluid as part of the sperm
What complication of pregnancy is characterized by hypertension, edema and protenuria? preeclampsia
Genital herpes is caused by what? a virus
Which procedure is surgery to specifically increase breast size? breast augmentation
Which term describes a woman who has never been pregnant? Nulliparia
Addiction compulsive, uncontrollable dependence on a substance, habit, or practice to the degree that stopping is harmful.
Assessment evaluation or apprasial of a condition
Arthocentesis surgical puncture of the joint
Pericardiocentesis drawing of fluid from the pericardial sac
Rale abnormal rattle or crackle-like respiratory sound heard while breathing in
Supine lying on the back with face up (horizontal recumbent position)
Otoscope instruments used to visualy examine the external ear canal & tympanic membrane
Percussion diagnostic procedure to determine density of a body area by sound produced by tapping surface
The combination of tomography with radionuclide tracers to produce enhanced images of selected body organs or areas echocardiogram
When is a MRI used? complex joints, spine, brain
What substance is used in preparation for a nuclear scan? radioactive tracer
What is the instrument used to measure PB? (spelling) shpygomomanometer
What is the focus of nuclear medicine? anatomic structures
Which test is useful as evidence of a MI? serum enzymes test
Which examination techniqure is used to evaluate air in loops of intestine? percussion
What is the purpose of the serum bilirubin test? measure how well red blood cells are broken down
Which term describes the body part closest to the film while producing a radiograph? positioning
Which radiographic projection has the patient positioned facing the film and parallel to it? postanterior projection
Which condition detected by urine analysis is an indication of impaired kidney function? albuminuria
How do hard structures appear on a traditional radiography? the appear light
How does a MRI produce images? combination of radiowaves and a strong magnetic field to create signals to a computer which is then converted into images
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