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Gen Med II quiz 1

NIBP Notes

Another name for high blood pressure is, hypertension
The blood pressure reading when the heart is contracting is called the_________ pressure. systolic
The resting pressure of the heart is called the___________ pressure diastolic
When taking a blood pressure reading a machine or a nurse listens for the __________ sound. Korotkoff
This is the sound of the __________ of blood flow. occlusion
What percent of the blood pressure cuff should cover the arm? 80%
Another extremity other than the arm that can be used to take a blood pressure reading? thigh
What task are you performing when you enter service mode on an NIBP when you enter service mode and inflate the cuff to 200mmHG, and check for a leak-down of less than 15mmHG. leak test
What are the standards for the max pressure test on an NIBP machine? 300mmHG +-10%
How many alarms are there on most NIBP machine? 4
Hi/Low systolic, Hi low diastolic, MAP and pulse rate are all types of Alarms
There are how many types of blood pressure cuffs are there? 6
Adult, Small, Medium and large thigh, peds and neo are all sizes of blood pressure cuffs
what converts a mechanical pressure to an electrical potential? pressure transducer
what converts an electrical signal to a mechanical pressure? solenoid
what is a common application for a solenoid? valve
Created by: jayxfour4