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The liquid portion of the blood that contains clotting agents Plasma
What is an immature form of a neutrophil Band
What is Plasma minus the clotting agents Serum
Should be tied no longer than two minutes Tourniquet
A decreased hematocrit could be the result of excessive squeezing of the finger during collection and _________ Anemia
What color stopper tube is used to collect a blood specimen for a prothrombin time test Light Blue
What color is the Buffy Coat White
What is a winged-infusion set also known as Butter Fly Needle
What is performed to determine blood compatibility before a transfusion Type and Cross
What is the device for a dermal puncture Lancet
150,000 to 400,000 is the normal range for a __________ __________ for an adult Platelet Count
An increase in lymphocytes occurs when a patient has infectious ___________ Mononucleosis
the smaller the gauge, the larger the ________ of the needle Lumen
AKA prothrombin time, performed to evaluate coumadin therapy and collected in a light blue topped tube Protime
The slant at the open end of a needle used for venipuncture is termed the _________ Bevel
What do erythrocytes lack? a Nucleus
Blood Type O is considered to be the _________ __________ Universal Donor
What is an individual who collects blood specimens called? Phlebotomist
An anticoagulant that prevents platelets from clumping and preserves the appearance of blood cells for microscopic preparation Edta
If properly prepared this has blood covering one half to three quarters of the slide Wedge Smear
AKA Platelet Thrombocyte
An evacuated glass tube with a red stopper contains ________ Nothing
The needle size most commonly used for adult venipure is ________ gauge 21
What is good cholesterol HDL
What is produced by plasma cells, are protein molecules and can neutralize viruses and toxins directly Antibodies
Nonspecific antibodies produced in response to infection with Epstein-Barr virus Neteropaile
What panel is Troponin a component of? Cardiac Panel
The typical site for a capillary puncture on an infant is the medial or lateral side of the _______ Heel
What Panel is T3, T4 and TSH hormones detected in? Thryoid Panel
No anticoagulants are found in what tube? Red Topped
K, Na and Fe are all electrolytes detected in _________ panel test Electrolyte
The angle is in which the needle enters the arm should be fifteen to ________ degrees 30
What color stopper tube is used to collect a blood specimen for a CBC? Lavender
Necessary for a lipid profile Fasting
Hemoglobin A 1c is measured to monitor this Diabetes
Bad Cholesterol LDL
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