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Silk Road

Silk Road A trade route that allows china to trade with other conturies such as Rome. Founded by Zhang Qian
Zhang Quian Called the founder of the Silk Road. He went in search for alliances to fight against the Hun but he never did. Instead he found different ideas
Silk A fiber used to make cloth. It was strong,warm,light, and soft.
Glassware Something that the Romans used for trade for chinese silk and blown into delicate shapes
Mirage an illusion you get when you think you see something but you really dont. Such as water when people would travel they woud travel near the "water" and get off path and eventually die
Caravan a group that travels together for protection
Kashgar Center of the trade routes where the eastern and western borders meet. A good place for trading
The silk road was known for transfering goods. What other things did people on this road tranfer? Ideas
How did the Sik Road become possible? The expansion of the Han empire
Zhang Quian was very succesful. On his second return he learned what? about powerful horses and grapes his country didn't know of because of great distances
Zhang Quian failed at making alliances but suceeded at what? earning about western cutures such as Buddhism
Revealing the secret is punishable by...? Why? Punishabe by death because they were they didn't want the Romans to know how to make silk because the Chinese wanted the trade so they coud get something out of it too.
Silk was a valuable trade because? Only China knew how to make it and it was strong, light, warm, and soft
The chinese traded Rome for? glassware because of the blown deicate shapes also gold
Travels would mostly travel in caravans because...? They could get attacked by lions, Tigers, or scorpions. They were safer to fight off attackers.
What was a good quality for a item ttraded? Bieng light so you wouldn't have more animals to carry items on.
What animals were used alot on the silk road? Donkeys and Yaks
India traded cotton and spices to China in return for? silk and dishware
What was a cutural effect caused by the path of the silk road? Buddhism spread from India to China
Where did the WESTERN silk road end? Rome
merchants recieved headache, dizziness, and ringing in the ear. Why? because of the high altitudes from the high mountains that the merchants are traveling through. Also because of the thin air.
Roman Emperor didn't want the waering of silk in Romw. Whhy not? Too much trading of gold. He didn't want all of the god to be gone from trading silk for gold
Because the exchange of goods with other people caused? the Romans how to learn to make silk and China, glassware.
China improved many new foods and spices. Among them were? grapes, cucumbers, and sesame
The West improved...? roses, peonies, and oranges
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