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smc volume 4 review

How long does it take the Oshkosh R-11 to go from 0 to 50 mph when fully loaded? 92 to 95 seconds.
What grades of fuel still allows the Oshkosh R-11 engine to deliver full performance, except for top speed? JP-5 and JP-8.
How are the 30 elements in the filter separator of an Oshkosh R-11 installed? They are double stacked within 15 canisters inside the separator housing.
Where is the optional 1 1/2-inch hose reel mounted on the Oshkosh R-11? Enclosed in its own compartment and mounted on the frame in front and forward fuel tank mount, on the left side of the fueling unit.
What are the Oshkosh R-11 overwing and single-point nozzles equipped with and why? Both are equipped with quick disconnect making them interchangeable on the 3-inch hose.
How long should it take the fuel flow to stop after releasing the control handle on the Oshkosh R-11 deadman control system? Within three seconds.
What are the three positions on the pumping-mode selector valve on the Oshkosh R-11? HIGH-FLOW, LOW-FLOW, and DEFUEL.
What occurs when the defuel shutdown test button on the Oshkosh R-11 is held in? Fuel is sent to the defuel overfill prevention float valve, simulating that the unit is full.
Describe what happens when the emergency engine shutdown switch on the Oshkosh R-11 is moved to the OFF position. Fuel flow to the unit's engine is cut off, shutting down the engine.
What direction should the defuel float regulator on the Oshkosh R-11 be turned to reduce the defuel flow rate? Counterclockwise.
What are the three modes of operation for the Kovatch-series R-11s? LOW FLOW, HIGH FLOW, and DEFUEL.
At what maximum rate can the Kovatch-series R-11 defuel? 175 gpm.
What special feature does the Kovatch-series R-11 have to aid in cold-weather starting? An ether start system.
What feature does the differential pressure gauge on the Kovatch-International R-11 have that is unique? It is equipped with a pressure relief valve.
What is the purpose of the pressure relief valve on the Kovatch-International R-11 gauge? It is used to relieve pressure sometimes trapped in the DP gauge during servicing operations.
Which indicator on the Kovatch-series R-11 pump control panel will illuminate if a fault is detected by the automatic self-testing circuitry within the electronic level control system? The red indicator light.
How does the emergency engine stop switch on the Kovatch-series R-11 shut down the vehicle's engine? It cuts off all air to the engine when activated.
How does the auxiliary engine throttle control on the Kovatch-International R-11 differ from those found on other fuel servicing vehicles? It is equipped with an electronic auxiliary throttle control.
What is the purpose of the defuel override control on the Kovatch-series R-11? It manually overrides the fuel tank electronic level control HIGH level mode of operation to allow internal recirculation of fuel for sampling purposes.
What is the purpose of the defuel priming control valve on the Kovatch-series R-11? It is used to prime the fuel pump in the DEFUEL mode of operation and for fuel sampling.
After starting the Oshkosh R-11, why must the engine be run at 1,000 rpm for three to five minutes? To obtain proper operating temperature and gauge readings before operating the unit.
The Oshkosh R-11 transmission gear selector has how many forward positions? Five.
How much air pressure should be built up in the Oshkosh R-11 brake system before moving the vehicle? 65 psi.
What may result if the Oshkosh R-11 is not allowed to idle for at least 30 seconds before being shut down? It could result in turbocharger damage.
What reading should the air pressure gauge on the Kovatch-Volvo R-11 indicate before driving the unit and why is this important? At least 105 psi to ensure sufficient air is provided to the rear air ride suspension.
Why should the Kovatch-International R-11 engine not be continuously cranked for more than 30 seconds? It could result in starter motor damage.
Why is it prohibited to coast the Kovatch-series in NEUTRAL? This practice can result in transmission damage and unsafe operation because engine braking is not available in NEUTRAL.
When should the tandem axle setup feature of the Kovatch-series R-11 be used? Only in poor traction conditions.
The interaxle differential system on the Kovatch-Volvo R-11 should not be locked above what speed? 25 mph.
What is the maximum rpm for HIGH-FLOW servicing with the Oshkosh R-11? 1,950 rpm.
What is the maximum rpm for LOW-FLOW overwing servicing with the Oshkosh R-11? 1,400 rpm.
On the Kovatch-Volvo R-11, what engine speed is desired for HIGH FLOW operations? 1,800 +(-)50 rpm.
What is the maximum rpm setting allowed for LOW FLOW servicing with the Kovatch-International R-11? 1,000 +(-)50 rpm.
What position should the emergency tank shutoff valve on the Oshkosh R-11 be placed in for defuel operations. Closed.
What is the maximum rpm setting for defuel operations with the Kovatch-series R-11? 800 +(-)50 rpm.
To prevent damage to equipment during bottom loading operations with the Oshkosh R-11, the bottom load pressure gauge should not exceed what reading? 30 psi.
What minimum air pressure should the Kovatch-Volvo R-11 air system be charged to before proceeding with bottom loading operations? 90 psi.
What should an MRU operator check before beginning an RTB operation? Ensure the RTB header is for the correct grade of fuel.
During RTB operations, what indicates that the MRU pump is cavitating? The pump pressure gauge will fluctuate and the pump will develop a high-pitched whine.
At what maximum rate are the lift platform hoses on the Beta-International R-12 capable of servicing aircraft? 1,000 gpm.
What are the two positions on the PTO of the Beta-International R-12? ROAD and PUMP.
What pressure reading should the surge suppressor pressure gauge on the Beta-International R-12 normally indicate? 90 psi.
What type of gas is used to precharge the surge suppressors on the Beta-International R-12? Dry nitrogen.
During defuel operations with the Beta-International R-12, the defuel pump pressure should not be allowed to exceed how many psi? 160 psi.
What is the maximum setting for the primary regulator valve on the Beta-International R-12? 45 psi.
What oil flow rate is considered ideal for the Beta-International R-12 air lubricator? One drop per minute.
What component on the Beta-International R-12 is used to restrict defuel flow to maintain pump outlet pressure at approximately 120 psi? Defuel pump isolation and throttling valve.
What valve on the Beta-International R-12 is used in conjunction with defuel pump isolation and throttling valve to isolate the defuel pump from the piping system? Pump isolation butterfly valve.
How often should the filter separator float valve on the Beta-International R-12 be tested for proper operation under flow conditions? Monthly.
At what maximum rate are the hoses on the Kovatch R-12 capable of servicing aircraft? 750 gpm.
Approximately how long should it take for fuel flow to stop when performing the water slug valve test on the Kovatch R-12? Eight seconds.
Approximately how long should it take for fuel flow to stop when the emergency fuel shutoff switch on the Kovatch R-12 is activated? Eight seconds.
What is the system shutdown test plunger on the Kovatch R-12 used to simulate? It is used to simulate a condition where the recovery tank is full and the system must be shut down.
What Kovatch R-12 component indicates the pressure of the fuel at the pump outlet? Defuel pump pressure gauge.
What is the maximum allowable pressure reading for the defuel pump pressure gauge on the Kovatch R-12? 200 psi.
What is considered a normal reading for the secondary air pressure on the Kovatch R-12? 50 psi.
While the surge suppressor service valves are open, what precharge pressure should the surge suppressor pressure gauges on the Kovatch R-12 indicate? 90 +(-)5 psi.
To perform defueling operations with the Kovatch R-12, in what position should the hydrant/defuel selector valve be placed? Right.
Describe what steps must be accomplished to restart the engine after the lift platform emergency engine shutdown switch on the Kovatch R-12 has been activated? Lower the toggle cover, then open engine compartment and manually open the butterfly valve on the engine air intake duct before cranking the engine.
At what rate is the Beta-Freightliner R-12 capable of issuing fuel through the lift platform hoses? 1,000 gpm.
What is the purpose of the front auxiliary air charge valve on the Beta-Freightliner R-12? It is used to charge the air tanks from an external source.
How often must the deadman control on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 be re-activated to continue fuel flow? Every two minutes.
When will the fueling operation indicator light on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 flash? When the deadman timeout is within 30 seconds of pausing the fueling operation.
At what level should the fluid in the lift platform hydraulic reservoir be on the Beta-Freightliner R-12? With the platform lowered, it should be just below the top of the hydraulic fluid tank.
In addition to the filter separator sump drain valve, what valve on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 must be open to drain the filter separator sump? Filter separator sump drain hose isolation valve.
At what level will the sump tank full indicator on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 illuminate? 75 percent full.
What does the primary air pressure gauge on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 indicate? The air pressure supplied to the type III hydrant outlet.
On the Beta-Freightliner R-12, what defuel engine control governor component is used to increase or decrease engine rpms? Increment/decrement buttons.
What valve on the Beta-Freightliner R-12 controls the flow of fuel to the platform nozzles? Platform hose isolation butterfly valve.
When refueling with the Beta-International R-12, what action should be taken if the level in the sump tank rises above 2/3 full and the automatic sump pump fails to engage? Use the sump pump control to reduce the level of fuel in the sump to prevent tank from overfilling.
When defueling with the Beta-International R-12, what preset range will the engine rpms increase to when the deadman control valve is depressed? 1,600 to 1,900 rpm.
Before starting a defuel operation with the Beta-International R-12, what action should be taken with the nozzle strainer? Remove or reverse the nozzle strainer.
When defueling with the Beta-International R-12, what steps should be taken if the engine speed drops to idle before the defuel operation is complete? Release the deadman, lower the engine speed setting with the engine throttle control, then engage the deadman to resume defueling.
What must you do if you observe a DP reading of 15 psi or higher during a refueling operation with the Kovatch R-12? Immediately stop the operation and inform the FSC.
When performing a defuel with the Kovatch R-12, if after four attempts to engage the PTO you are still unsuccessful, what steps must you take? Abort the defueling operation and place the vehicle out of service.
What is the maximum rpm setting for defuel operations with the Kovatch R-12? 1,800 rpm.
When performing refueling operations with the Beta-Freightliner R-12, what pressure should the system air pressure gauge indicate? 90 psi.
During defuel operations with the Beta-Freightliner R-12, how can the mode be set to limit rpms instead of the pressure? By pressing the MODE button a second time.
When completing defueling operations with the Beta-Freightliner R-12, what precautions should be taken when rewinding the hydrant coupler and hose? Do not allow the coupler to drag across the ground.
What is the major difference between the C-300 and the C-301? the C-300 is two-wheel drive while the C-301 is all-wheel drive.
What is the rated capacity of the tank on the C-300/C-301? 1,200 gallons.
What tank component on the C-300/C-301 allows the tank to breathe? Vent valve.
What C-300/C-301 component acts as a high-level shut-off to prevent overfilling of the tank when filling through the bottom loading system? Float level sensor.
What is the purpose of the bottom loading interlock on the C-300/C-301? It locks the C-300/C-301's brakes to prevent the vehicle from moving during filling operations.
What type of pump is used on the C-300/C-301? A positive-displacement, rotary-vane type pump.
Explain the procedures for engaging the PTO on the C-300/C-301. Place the transmission lever in DRIVE with the engine idle speed, pull PTO shift knob out, and move the transmission lever into NEUTRAL.
What manual valve on the C-300/C-301 is used to allow fuel into the hose reel? Butterfly valve.
What valves will open when the emergency valve operator on the C-300/C-301 is pulled out? The vent valve and the emergency/bottom loading valve.
Where are the emergency shut-off handles located on the C-300/C-301? At the right rear of the truck, behind the driver's door, and on top of the tank.
When issuing fuel with the C-300/C-301, how is the vehicle positioned in relation to the tank or equipment being serviced? With the passenger's side facing the tank or equipment being serviced.
What valves must be open in order to issue with the C-300/C-301? The butterfly valve and emergency valve operator.
During issuing operations with the C-300/C-301, how can the engine rpms be increased if necessary? By using the auxiliary engine throttle located in the cab.
While receiving fuel with the C-300/C-301, the tank fill rate should not exceed how many gpm? 600 gpm.
What step must be taken during receiving operations with the C-300/C-301 if the fill rate will exceed 100 gpm? Open the manhole cover.
How often should personnel qualified to perform hot refueling be recertified? Annually.
Who has overall responsibility for hot refueling operations? Hot pad refueling supervisor.
What actions must be taken if an aircraft arrives at the hot refueling pad after jettisoning fuel and it cannot be positively verified that the aircraft jettison valve is closed? The aircraft must not be hot refueled until it undergoes at least one normal (cold) refueling operation.
With whom must the hot pad refueling supervisor maintain intercom contact during a hot refuel? The pilot and the hot refueling crewman.
If a fire or fuel leak occurs during a hot refuel, what emergency action must be taken first? Stop fuel flow.
When would a rapid defueling operation be considered a hot defuel operation? Whenever the aircraft has any engine running.
Which aircraft are approved for hot defueling operations? C-17, C-27, C-130, KC-135 and EC/RC-135.
At locations where wing tip clearance between aircraft is reduced to 35 feet due to parking space limitations, what additional safety precaution should be taken during rapid defuel operations? An aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle must be at the aircraft.
When may personnel be stationed on top of a servicing unit during rapid defuel operations? At no time.
When, if ever, is rapid defueling directly into mobile fuel servicing vehicles authorized? When mission requirements dictate.
On what aircraft are CSO/CSGs authorized? A-10, F-15, F-16, and F-22.
In what instances may CSO/CSGs be performed? As part of normal day-to-day training, during exercises for maintaining personnel proficiency for contingencies, and combat operations.
Who operates the deadman controls during CSO/CSG operations? The fuel servicing equipment operator.
List the minimal maintenance allowed during CSO/CSGs. Drag chute installation, munitions rack loading, and other approved minor maintenance identified in the applicable aircraft TO.
Who is responsible for on-site supervision during all aspects of a CSO/CSG? Concurrent servicing supervisor.
Why should troop doors and emergency hatches on the SPR side of the aircraft be closed during concurrent servicing of a C-130? To isolate the cargo compartment from the fuels servicing safety zone.
What is the difference between fuels servicing team requirements for concurrent servicing with passengers on board and concurrent servicing without passengers on board? Concurrent servicing with passengers on board requires an additional team member to act as passenger compartment monitor.
How often must fuel servicing equipment used for concurrent servicing be pressurized and checked for serviceability? Once every 24 hours.
What restrictions are placed on the use of modified MH-2 series hosecart during concurrent servicing of cargo/passenger aircraft with passengers onboard? It can only be used when an R-12 hydrant servicing unit is not available.
With whom does the authority to conduct servicing operations within HASs rest? The local commander.
When must the shelter doors of a HAS remain open during in-shelter refueling? During peacetime training for hot refueling and when powered support equipment is required for fuel servicing.
What is the maximum amount of time a refueling vehicle engine should be allowed to run when performing in-shelter refueling with the HAS aircraft entry doors closed? 20 minutes.
Crew members conducting in-shelter refueling should be limited to how many operations per day with the HAS aircraft entry doors closed? Four.
How much time of low or no vapor exposure should crew members have between each in-shelter refueling operation with the HAS doors completely closed? 60 minutes.
What action should an operator take if backwards flow is detected during a multi-source refuel? Immediately stop all refueling operations.
List the requirements for multiple refueling trucks located on the same side or wing of an aircraft during multi-source refueling. The vehicle must be positioned at the aircraft prior to initiating any fuel flow, and remain positioned and bonded until fuel flow is terminated on all trucks on that side of the aircraft.
Describe the restriction for multi-source refueling on C-5, C-18/B707, and L-1011 aircraft. Multiple sources (except for R-11 fuel tank trucks) cannot be used to simultaneously refuel on the same side or wing of these aircraft.
When is multi-source refueling of aircraft not listed in TO 00-25-172 authorized? When the refueling sources are capable of preventing fuel from passing from one truck or hydrant through an aircraft and back into another truck or hydrant.
When is multi-source refueling of medical evacuation aircraft not authorized? When patients are on board or when patients are enplaning or deplaning.
Who is normally tasked to observe and record filter separator DP and flow rates? Fuels quality control personnel.
What technical order establishes frequency guidelines for recording differential pressure readings? TO 42B-1-1.
What form is used to record DP and flow rate information? AFTO Form 422.
How is the rate of flow on variable flow vessels determined? By clocking the meter.
What information is carried over to a new AFTO Form 422 when the current AFTO Form 422 is full? The last four readings from the old form.
If the US Government AIR Card is not available, what must you obtain from the crew chief? The DD Form 1896.
What must be accomplished in addition to using the ADC to collect billing information if the aircraft you are servicing is not a home station aircraft? Record the transactions on a DD Form 1898.
What information is required on a DD Form 1898 to ensure joint verification of the fuel grade? The crew chief's initials in the fuel grade block.
What information is entered in the "Remarks and/or voucher no." block of the DD Form 1898 for non-home station aircraft? The full tail number and MDS of the aircraft being serviced.
Where would you obtain billing information when a US Army aircraft does not have an identaplate? DA Form 2408.
How does the TIM transmit billing information to the FSC central controller computer? By radio frequency.
What information should be verified before starting transaction? The tail number on the card matches the tail number of the aircraft.
How is the amount of fuel serviced displayed on the LCD screen of the UIT? It is displayed in real time and compensated to 60 degrees F.
When is a crew chief's signature on the UIT receipt not required? For transactions to home station aircraft.
What information must be entered in the UIT for manual transactions? The full aircraft tail number from the DD Form 1896.
What is the purpose of the Evacuation option in the remote configuration menu? Enabling allows evacuation on equipment possessing evacuation controls.
Which UIT configuration menu option allows the UIT to check the expiration date of the AIR Card? Card Parameters.
What maximum number of base stations can be configured to operate with the ADC? Ten.
What maximum number of dial retries can the UIT be configured to attempt? 99.
Which supervisor's menu option allows for testing of various ADC system components? Diagnostics menu.
How often must preventive maintenance be performed? Each day the equipment is used.
Who annotates discrepancies on the applicable forms? Team chief.
What is inspected during the "walk-around" inspection? Applicable vehicle inspection form to ensure vehicle was inspected at the checkpoint within the last 24 hours; damage, fluid leaks, and other obvious discrepancies, such as flat tires.
Why must the unused set screws be removed from the handles on all ground clips? Prevents them from working loose and falling out, creating a FOD hazard.
Who is responsible for making all repairs and replacements on the piping systems? Refueling maintenance personnel.
When completing the top portion of an AF Form 1807, what is the only item that changes each month? The DATE block.
What must be done if an item listed on the AF Form 1807 is not found on the particular piece of refueling equipment that you are inspecting? Line out the item.
What forms must be maintained in the glove box of the vehicles? SF Form 91 and DD Form 518.
Who signs the DATE block, by the coinciding date, on the AF Form 1800 signifying the checks have been accomplished? The operator.
When are completed AF Forms 1807 and AF Forms 1800 destroyed? One month after closeout or when no longer needed.
What is the primary duty of the fuels expediter? Assisting the FSC in coordinating and directing fuel servicing operations.
What action should the fuels expediter take when witnessing unsafe fueling operations? Terminate the operation immediately.
What items should the fuels expediter maintain in order to assist operators? A tool kit and a spill response kit.
Who should the fuels expediter notify after using the spill response kit? The fuels environmental coordinator.
Who should the fuels expediter notify when finding a foreign object on the flightline? NCOIC fuels distribution.
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