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4790.2B CH-1 Ch. 5

Maintenance, Production, and Material Control

"the efficient attaintment of objectives" and "all actions taken to retain material in a serviceable condition or to restore it to serviceability" defines what two terms? Management and Maintenance
Two of the most critical aspects in naval aviation are? Release of an aircraft Safe for Flight and the acceptance of the aircraft
Prior to flight, the pilot must review the ADB for aircraft discrepancies and corrective actions for at least _____ previous flights 10
CNAF 4790/141 form is used for what? The Aircraft Inspection and Acceptance Record
Block 10 and Block 11 of the AIAR is signed by whom? Block 10-Safe for Flight/Block 11-Pilot accepting A/C
What systems/components require FCF to determine proper functioning? Airframe, power plant, accessories, and equiptment.
FCF are required when what conditions apply? Rework, newly assigned aircraft, replacement of major engine components, fuel system components, and major flight surface components. Any condition cited by NATOPS or aircraft hasn't flown in 30 days.
At whom's discretion can FCF's be flown in combination with an operational flight? CO
Pilots conducting FCF's shall be qualified as per what instruction? OPNAVINST 3710.7 and applicable NATOPS manual.
Who shall coordinate FCF briefing and who shall be present during brief. Maintenance control/QA and appropriate workcenter personnel.
FCF checklists are published by whom? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
Completed FCF checklists shall be retained where and for how long. Aircraft maintenance files and for a minimum of 6 months or one phase cycle, whichever is greater.
Who shall hold a planning meeting in advance of each phase inspection? MMCO
Who shall determine when an aircraft shall be placed in preservation? MO
Aircraft going into preservation shall be in accordance with what instructions? Applicable MRC's and NAVAIR 15-01-500
What is the percent of margin for a scheduled removal item? 10 percent
The certification of performance of a turnaround and daily inspection is made on what form? Daily/Turnaround Maintenance record (CNAF 4790/38)
Who signs block 12 of the CNAF 4790/38 record? Maintenance Control Representitive
What inspection is a general inspection of a specific area of an aircraft. Zonal
What is required for an acceptance inspection? Verification of all equipment listed in the AIR, CADs & PADS, configuration verification, Hyd samples, Daily, and complete FCF.
What form is used to record SE issue and receipt transactions? Support equipment transaction report (CNAF 4790/64)
What form is a USN Aviation Support Equipment operator's license CNAF 4790/102
Upon issue of SE, the user signs what block of the support equipment transaction report (CNAF 4790/64) Block 27F
What copy/s of the support equipment transaction report is retained by the user activity? Pink copy
Who signs block 28F of the transaction report when equipment is being returned? Receiving personnel
What form is the SE custody and maintenance historical record? CNAF 4790/51
Who shall monitor and report cannibalization actions between squadron aircraft per Type Wing/Air Wing instructions. CO
Who is responsible for preparing and publishing the MMP? MMCO
What are the three levels of preservation? 1.<90 2. up to 1 year 3. indefinite
Items identified in the _______________ are the only authorized exceptions to the one for one rule when receiving a new part? NAVSUP WSS CRIPL
Upon receiving material, what form must be signed as a receipt? DD 1348
Turn in of defective CRIPL components must be completed within how long after receipt? 24 hours
Items such as aviation fuels, flight clothing and flight deck clothing, liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, publications, office supplies, and plaques for CO and XO are expenses covered by what funding? Flight Operations Funds (OFC-01)
Items used maintaining aircraft such as paint, rags, consumable parts, oils, consumable hand tools, saftey boots used in maintenance shops, and any maintenance clothing are expenses covered by what funding? Aviation Fleet Maintenance (AFM)
AFM funds are not authorized for what items? Housekeeping and office supplies, vehicle and mobile equipment costs other than shipboard, and TD materials.
What are annual funds issued by TYCOM's to units of the operating forces under their command? OPTAR
Who is responsible for flight packets fort issue to pilots making extended flights? Supply officer or Material Control officer
Custody and issue control of flight packets shall be prescribed by whom? CO
Flight packets contain materials listed in what publication? NAVSUP 485
The Master Aircraft Inventory Record (MAIR) shall be maintained by who? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
Who has overall approval of Aircraft Inventory Records (AIR) prior to delivery to the Navy? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
Who is responsible for providing assitance for the devlopement of standard AIR's within T/M/S aircraft? ACCs/TYCOMs
Who is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of standard AIR's within T/M/S aircraft? ISSC
When a new production aircraft is authorized for delivery with CFE/GFE shortages, who will ensure the Aircraft Inventory Report (Shortages) (OPNAV 4790/112) is prepared listing shortage items with estimated delivery dates? DCMD
When shortages are discovered and are not properly recorded in the AIR, the receiving organization will itemize shortages and submit a list of such shortages, within how many working days after receipt of the aircraft, to the organization which the air... 10 days
AIR shortages which persist for how many days before transfer, without proper authority/justification noted in Column D or E of the AIR (shortages), will be forwarded to COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for resolution? 90 days
NAVAIR Publications dealing primarily with the operation and maintenance of aircraft and related equipment within the DON are issued by or under the direction of what? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
The Naval Aeronautical Publications Index is made up of how many parts? 5
A minimum of how many years data will be maintained at all times on Conditional Inspection page? 2 years
What form is used to record significant info. affecting the aircraft for which no other space is provided in the logbook? Miscellaneous/History (OPNAV 4790/25A)
What is used to maintain a current inventory of all equipment, components, and assemblies requiring an MSR, ASR, EHR, or SRC card? Inventory Record (OPNAV 4790/27A)
What is designed to provide a current configuration and inspection record of ALSS components, kits, and assemblies? Aircrew Systems Record (OPNAV 4790/138)
What is a loose leaf record. It may be inserted in the aircraft logbook or may stand alone? Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (OPNAV 4790/29)
What is a four page attached form that opens to make one record? Module Service Record (OPNAV 4790/135)
What is a two page form that provides a data tracking on assemblies? Assembly Service Record (OPNAV 4790/106A)
What is a 2 page form that provides a method of monitoring specific maintenance data on designated aeronautical components and equipment that do not qualify for an SRC card? Equipment History Record (EHR) Card (OPNAV 4790/113)
What is a 2 page form used to record maintenance history, installation, and usage data? Scheduled Removal Component (SRC) Card (OPNAV 4790/28A)
What's function is a general purpose life usage and serialized configuration tracking system? CM Module
What is the primary means of recording aircraft status changes, from acceptance into the inventory until final strike? XRay
All outstanding XRay corrections and other XRay transactions occurring between 0001 and 2400 hours on a given day must be reported prior to what time next working day? 1600
DON Aircraft may not be stricken without the direct authorization of whom? CNO
The CNO will approve a list of aircraft strikes how often? Semiannually
If an aircraft is lost or destroyed, the reporting custodian will immediately report the strike in what category via XRay? Category 1
An aircraft will be stricken what category on authorization issued by the CNO Semiannual Aircraft Strike Authorization for administrative reasons not related to damage, depreciation or completion of service life? Category 3
Aircraft are striken what category if eligibility for strike is due to completion of service life? Category 4
A Part I XRay is required when a reporting custodian moves from one location to another, for example, shore to ship, ship to shore, etc. for how many days or more, reporting custodian location, operational status category, and fleet assigned code changes? 30 days
Reporting Custodians are required to report Aircraft Hours in Life every how often? Quarter
As a general guideline no more than how many months should elapse between the ASPA inspection and the resulting adjusted PED? 18 Months
Instructions for using the material priority system and for assigning FADs are in what series? OPNAVINST 4614.1
Maintenance of logs and records and CM ALS must be performed by what? Production Control
How many days advance notice, via naval message, is required prior to sending an aircraft to the AMARC for storage? 10
Refer to what procedures for transferring records to the Washington National Records Center? SECNAV M-5210.1
What provides guidance for shipping classified information to the Washington National Records Center? SECNAVINST 5510.30
What is used for identification of components that are designated in the CM baseline as untracked? Untracked Record
What CM ALS record provides of all repair, reconditioning, standard rework, conversion, modification, modernization, and ASPA inspections performed on the aircraft by a repair activity or on the equipment by an I-level or D-level activity? Repair/Rework
What is used to record maintenance history for repairable components not designated as life limited? Tracked Component Record
What records are designed to provide a record of the current configuration of all personal survival equipment issued to the aircrewman? Aircrew personal Record
What provides the Offices of the Secretary of Defense, the DON, and subordinate commands with comprehensive information on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft? AIRRS
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