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Stover Chapter 27

Age of Imperialism

The three groups closely tied to the history of South Africa are Zulu, Dutch, British
The three things that discouraged Europeans from conquering Africa prior to the 1800s were malaria, impassable rivers, powerful African armies
What nationality were the Boers? Dutch
The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to reduce conflict among __________________ in ____________ Europeans, Africa
The African nation that successfully resisted European colonization was Ethiopia
The European nation that allowed limited self-rule in its colonies was Britain
The French Pacific Rim colony was Indochina
Inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization was caused by Europeans forcing natives to grow cash crops
India became economically valuable to Britain after the railroad was built
The main cause of the _____________ was Russia's determination to gain land on the Black Sea from the Ottoman Empire. Crimean War
When Egypt could not pay its foreign debt, Britain responded by taking control of the Suez Canal
The part of India under direct British rule was known as the Raj
____________ lost a long fight to maintain its independence when Britain and Russia divided the country into spheres of influence Persia
The ____________ marked a turning point in Indian history in that it led the British government to take direct control of India from the British East India Company Sepoy Mutiny
The Zulu chief ____________ used a strong military to create a large state in couthern Africa Shaka
The takeover of a country by a stronger nation in order to control the country is known as imperialism
________________ introduced reforms in the military and economy of Egypt Muhammad Ali
_________ was the leader of the Filipine nationalists Emilio Aquinaldo
Three things supported the concept of Imperialism was the desire for ____________, the need for ____________, and the belief in _________________ raw materials, markets, Social Darwinism
The Boer War was a conflict between the Boers and the _____________ British
Russia's main reason for war with the Ottoman Empire was to get access to the Black Sea
Persia was divided into spheres of influence by ______________ and _____________ Russia, Britain
The presence of battlefield nurses began during the Crimean War
The Sepoy Mutiny was led by Indian soldiers
The Sepoy Mutiny occured during British control of India called Raj
The Sepoy Mutiny marked a ______________ in Indian hisoty turning point
Britian took control of the Suez canal because Egypt could not pay its debts
Ram Mohun Roy believed India need to ____________ to gain independence modernize
The opposition of Dutch settlers and the British in South Africa resulted in the Boer War
The U.S. acquired the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam as a result of the Spanish American War
The combined states of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam were known as ___________ in the 1800s French Indochina
The ______________ were Indian soldiers sepoys
The main purpose of the Berlin Conference was to prevent fighting between Europeans in _____ Africa
_____________ began modernizing Siam King Mongkut
____________ was an unsuccessful action by East Africans who thought a magic water would protect them from German bullets Maji Maji Rebellion
The overthrow of ________, the last monarch of Hawaii was accomplished by a group of American sugar planters Liliuokalani
In the Age of Imperialism, countries in the Pacific Rim region of ________________ were desired for their strategic location Southeast Asia
_____________ maintained the independence of Ethiopia by expliting imperialistic rivalries Menelik
Colonization in North America, Australia, and New Zealand was different than Africa and India because British settlers moving to North America, New Zealand, and Australia fought for independence, Africans and Indian natives fought for their independence
Created by: dwstover