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Egypt Test/Chapter 4

Egypt Test

fertile, fan-shaped land created where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea delta
bits of soil and rock carried off by the Nile River Silt
Technology used by the Egyptian farmers to water their crops Irrigation
British archaeologist Howard Carter uncovered this pharaoh’s tomb in 1922. Tutankhamen
The way a country’s people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services Economy
A writer that kept records in Egypt Scribe
Name given to Egyptian rulers Pharaoh
System of picture writing made up of about 800 picture glyphs Hieroglyphics
Reed plant growing along the Nile used to make paper papyrus
Who unified Egypt? Menes
What helped break the code of Ancient Egyptian Writing? Rosetta Stone
Practice of one person owning another person Slavery
The Nile River flows into Mediterranean Sea
What caused the Nile River to swell? spring rains
The Middle Kingdom is best described as a time when Egypt____. increased contact with other cultures
In Egypt’s Old Kingdom what did craftworkers and artists receive in return for the objects they made for the pharaohs? clothes and food
The group of people in Egypt which filled the lowest level of the social pyramid were the ____________________ slaves
The Egyptians raised __________________ crops flax, wheat, barley, and cucumbers
Which pharaoh ordered the building of the Great Pyramid? Khufu
True or False Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh. She became pharaoh because her step-son was too young to become pharaoh. She took on the role and look of a man. She was very powerful and did a lot of good things for Egypt. She started expeditions and trad True
Resting place of 30 New Kingdom Pharaohs Valley of the Kings
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