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VLI - Pauline Lit L1

An Introduction To Paul

Recognize four reasons why one should study Paul. 1. The Canon of Scripture. 2. Historical/theological reasons. 3. Paul’s contribution to Western civilization and world civilization(s). 4. Paul’s impact on church history and the testimony of leaders. (Augustine, Luther, John Wesley, Karl Barth)
List (in 1 word each) Paul’s three worlds (other than the Church of Jesus Christ) in which he operated. Paul’s three worlds: Greek, Jewish and Roman.
Specify which world was the most determinative for Paul’s life and thought. It is Paul’s Jewish heritage and study of the law that most determines his life and thought.
What were two features of Paul's Greek World? (in 1-2 sentences) He was born in Tarsus, a major Hellenistic university city, He was bi-lingual, fluent in Aramaic and Greek, and at home in Greco-Roman culture.
What were two features of Paul's Roman World? (in 1-2 sentences) Roman citizenship provided protection for him. His Roman citizenship also allowed him to appeal to Caesar through the Roman justice system.
Explain(in approximately 2 paragraphs) three reasons why Paul's Jewish world was most determinative for him. 1. Jewish credentials were blameless. 2. His extreme zeal for the traditions of his Jewish fathers. 3. Having studied the law in Jerusalem at the feet of Gamaliel, Paul was able to address with authority a hostile crowd in the outer court of the Temple
Recognize Saul’s (Paul’s) main beliefs and activities before his conversion. 1. Strict observance of the law (oral and written) and enforced obedience. 2. He was zealous for the traditions of his fathers. 3. His agenda was to purify Israel for the coming of the Messiah; and overthrow of the powers of evil (including Rome).
Recognize the three central points of Judaism that Paul embraced. 1. Monotheism 2. Election 3. Eschatology – fullness of times, God sent his son.
List (in 1 sentence/phrase each) five of the six things Paul learned at the point of his conversion. 1. Christ is alive. 2. Christ’s cross is His victory. 3. Salvation is by grace alone. 4. Solidarity of the Church with Christ. 5. Call to preach to the Gentiles. 6. Salvation includes healing, being filled with the Spirit, baptism, and community.
Recognize the “the works of the law” that Jews used as identity markers. Jewish identity markers: · Food laws eliminating Jewish table-fellowship with Gentile converts · Holy Days · Circumcision
Recognize the new Christian identity markers. New Christian identity markers · Faith · Holy Spirit who produces his fruit in them
Recognize the two probable reasons why New Testament authors chose to communicate in the letter format. 1. The early apostles communicated their teaching in letters because it was convenient and necessary. 2. Letters provided a sense of personal immediacy and established a personal presence from a distance.
Created by: Asahart
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