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Electro Chap 4

Performing an ECG

Alternating Current (AC)Interference Unwanted marking on the ECG caused by other electrical curren sources
Angle of Louis A ridge about one inch or so below the suprasternal notch where the main part of the sternum and the top of the sternum, AKA the MANUBRIUM are attached
Anterior Axillary Line An imaginary verticle line starting at the front axilla that extends down the left side of the chest.
Dextrocardia When the heart is on the opposite or right side of the chest
Intercostal Space (ICS) The space between 2 ribs
Midaxillary Line Imaginary Verticle Line that starts at the middle of the axilla (armpit) and extends down the side of the chest
Midclavicular Line Imaginary line on the chest that runs vertically through the center of the clavicle
Midscapular Line Imaginary line on the back that runs vertically through the center of the scapula
Paraspinous Line Imaginary line on the spine that runs vertically through the side of the spine.
Posterior Axillary Line Imaginary line on the back that runs vertically from the shoulder down on the outer edge of the rib cage
Seizure An interruption of the electrical activity in the brain that causes involuntary muscle movement and sometimes unconsciousness
Somatic Tremor Voluntary or involuntary muscle movement; also known as body tremors
Suprasternal Notch The dip you feel at the anterior base of the neck just above the manubrium where the clavicle attached to the sternum
Wondering Baseline AKA: Baseline Shift - Occurs when the tracing drifts away from the center of the graph paper.
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