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Stack #83891

Medical TerminologyMIBC
Algia, Dynia Pain
Cele Hernia, Protrusion
Genic Pertaining to the beginning, Production
Ia Condition or diseased or abnormal state
Lysis Loosening, seperating, breakdown, Destruction
Endo Within
Ex, Exo Outside, outward
Inter Between
Intra Within
Super Above, over
Eal, Ior Pertaining To
Ism Process, Condition
Penia Deficiency
Phobia Fear
Plasia Development, Formation, Growth
Ptosis Drooping, Sagging
Stomy Opening to Form a mouth
Ole, Ule Little, Small
Oid Resembling
Adipo Fat
Coccygo Tailbone
Dorso Back portion of the body
Inguino Groin
Cervico Neck
Antero Front
Bolo To cast
Chromo Color
Cranio Skull
Disto Far, Distant
Histo Tissue
Ilio Part of the pelvic bone
Karyo-Nucleo Necleus
Latero Side
Lumbo Lower back
Medio Middle
Pelvi Pelvis
Postero Back, behind
Proximo Nearest
Sacro Flesh
Thelo Nipple
Thoraco Chest
Umbilicual Region of the Navel
Tracheo Trachea, windpipe
Angio Vessel
Blepharo Eyelid
Broncho Bronchial Tubes
Laryngo Larynx
Lympho Lymph
Mammo/Masto Breast
Muco Mucus
Myo Muscle
Myelo Spinal cord, bone marrow
Neuro Nerve
Osteo Bone
Oto Ear
Patho Disease
Rhino Nose
Spleno Spleen
Tonsillo Tonsils
Tracheo Trachea
Ana Up
Cata Down
Epi Above
Meta Change
Created by: jrose85