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Phlebotomy dwall2674

Increases risk of CHD Smoking
Increases HDL cholesterol Exercise
70-110 mg/dl Fasting Blood Sugar
Syphilis Test VDRL
High Blood Sugar Hyperglycemia
Detects Liver Disease ALT
Provides energy for the body Glucose
Rheumatoid arthritis test RH
Series of Glucose Tests GTT (Glucose Test Tolerance)
Kissing disease Mononucleuosis
Normal <150 mg/dl Triglycerides
Combines with an antigen Antibody
Cholesterol: 200-239 Borderline High
#1 Killer in United States Heart Disease
Increases cholesterol Saturated Fat
Makes Cholesterol Liver
Low Blood Sugar Hypoglycemia
Stored Glucse Glycogen
Assists in confirming a mycardial infaraction Lactate (LD)
Detects renal disease BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
Bad Cholesteral LDL
Good Cholesteral HDL
Which of the following assists the physician in making a diagnosis? Health history, Physicial examination, lab tests, diagnostic tests or ALL of these All of these
Which of the followin occurs when the body is in homeostasis? Lab test results are above normal, An imbalance exists in the body, Lab test results fall within the normal range or Lab test results are invalid Lab test results fall within the normal range
What is an example of using a lab test to regulate treatment? A diabetic patient tests his or her blood to determine hwo much insulin to administer
What is the purpose of performing a routine test? To assist in the early detection of disease
What is an example of using a lab test to assist in the differential diagnosis of a patients condition? Performing a strep test to determine if a patient has strep throat or pharyngitis
T/F: Instructions for testing specimens is found in the laboratory directory FALSE, Names of tests, PT Prep , amnt & type, handling & storage is in it (not "how to" test specimens (training does that)
What types of things are included on a lab request form? Physicians name and address, PT age and gender, date and time of collection of the specimen, source of the specimen
What is a profile? A number of lab tests providing related information
T/F: Glucose is included as part of a Lipid Profile False, Total Cholesterol, High density lipoprotein cholesterol and Triglycerides make up a lipid profile
What is the purpose of a lab report? To relay the results of lab tests to the physician
What is the purpose of the patient accession number found on the lab report? To provide identification of each speciment in the lab
The purpose of patient perparation for a lab test is to: Provide a specimen that yields accurate test results
A patient who is fasting (in preparation for a lab test) is allowed to consume: water
Which of the following tests require fasting? GTT, Comprehensive metabolic profile, Triglycerides, FBS, ALL of them ALL of them
Antibiotics taken by the patient before the collection of a throat specimen for culture may result in: A false negative report
A small sample taken from the body to represent the nature of the whole is known as a: specimen
If a laboratory report is returned to the medical office marked "QNS" this means that Quantity Not Sufficient
Why is it important to handle and store a specimen properly? To maintain the in vivo qualities of the specimen
The purpose of CLIA is to: Improve the quality of lab testing in the US
Which of the following is an example of a CLIA waived test? Pap test, Urine pregnancy testing, white blood cell count, microscopic analysis of urine sediment urine pregnancy test
The purpose of quality control is to: Ensure the accurate and valid test results
T/F: Opening a centriguge before it comes to a complete stop is a violation of laboratory safety precautions? TRUE
According to CLIA a pap smear is an example of a high complexity test
According to the CLIA a mcroscopic analysis of urine sediment is an example of a Moderately complex test
Found on the lab report, its purpose is to provide identification of each specimen in the laboratory patient acession number
A urine pregnancy test is an example of a CLIA ______ test waived
A number of lab test providing related info is a profile
acronym for quantity not sufficient QNS
acronym for other potential infectious material OPIM
To alert lab personnel to the presence of a pathogen, to assist in billing, and to correlate lab data with the needs of the Dr are all reason for indication the _______ _______ on the lab request form Clinical Diagnosis
Its purpose is to assist in the early detection of a disease Routine Test
Lab test results fall within normal range when the body is in this Homeostatis
LDL stands for Low Density lipoprotein (lousy cholesterol)
HDL stands for High Density lipoprotein (good cholesterol)
acronym meaning to perform immediately STAT
what is serum the clear, straw colored part of the blood (plasma) that remains after the solid elements and the clotting factor fibrinogen have been seperated out of it.
P/T stands for Prothrombin time (protime) clotting time to regulate blood thinners such as coumadin
Give examples of reasons for lab tests: Confirm clinical diagnosis, Assist in Differential diagnosis, obtain info about a PT condition, to eval pt progress and regulate treatment, est base line level, prevent or reduce severity of disease, as Required by Law
If an outdated evacuated tube is used to collect blood the tube may no longer have a vaccuum
When selecting a vein for venipuncture this hsould not be used to palpate the vein Thumb
on palpation a scarred vein feels stiff and hard
Color stopper used to collect blood specimen for most blood chemistry tests lavendar
an evacuation glass tube with a red stopped contains nothing (no reagent)
what is the name of the vein considered to be the best vein to use for venipuncture medial cubital vein
This may occur if the needle is removed from the arm before removing the tourniquet bleeding
After drawing a blood speciment for an electrlyte profile, th e next step is to allow the speciment to satnd in an upright position for thirty to _________ minutes forty five
The color stopper tube used to collect blood specimen for a PT test light blue
a finger puncture made deeper than 3/1 mm may pentrate the bone
Its purpose is to make the patients veins more prominent tourniquet
Needle gauge used for venipuncture for a blood donation 16
an individual that collects blood specimens phlebotomist
veins most likely to collapse when performing a venipuncture small
removing the plastic holdr from the needle to reuse is a violation of OSHA
Keeping the patient's arm in a downward position during a venipuncture prevents this venous reflux
most common needle gauge used for adult venipuncture 21
these veins have a tendencyh to roll, are move diffcult to stick, are more uncomfortable for the PT and are more susceptible to collapsing hand
Olbtained using a tube containing an anticoagulant Whole Blood
most common needle gauge used for the elderly and pediatric venipuncture 23
color stopper tube sued to collect a blood specimen for a CBC lavender
an evacuation glass tube with a lavender stopper contains EDTA
Site used for skin puncture on an infant heel
ak winged-infusion set butterfly needle
aka rubbing alcohol isoprophyl alcohol
anticoagulant that prevents platelets from clumping and preserves the appearance of blood cells EDTA
vacuatiner tube used for hematolgy testing lavender
the thixotropic gel found in red-gray marbled vacutainer tube is _________ dense than serum more
liquid portion of the blood that contains clotting factors plasma
leaving a tourniquet on longer than the recommended time can result in this hemoconcentration
part of the needle that should be facing up during the insertion of the needle in the vein during routine venipuncture bevel
the thixotropic gel found in red-gray marbled topped vacutainer tube is ___ dense tha the RBCs less
during a routine venipuncture the patient is asked to do this after the blood enters the first tube being drawn release their fist
commonly used to prevent infection during venipuncture anticeptic wipe
typical site for a capillary puncture on an adult ring finger or middle finger
a mixture of both arterial blood and venous blood capillary blood
the needle size commonly used on infants and elderly patients is 23 gauge
can be the result of a tourniquest be tied too tight petechiae
the needle size most commonly used by a blood bank 16
without a clot activator whole blood typically clots within 30 to ________ minutes 60
type of consent needed before a venipuncture verbal
the silica particles contained in the red/gray marbled topped vacuatiner tube enhances clotting
devise used for capillary puncture lancet
plasma could be retrieved from a gray topped or _____________ __________ vacutainer tube lavender topped
vacutainer tube that contains no anticoagulants red topped
vacutatiner tube use for blood collection during glucose tolerance test gray
vacutainer tube used for blood collection of blood gases green
the purpose of a tourniquet during venipunture is to prevent venous flow out of the site and to cause the vein to bulge
best protection from needle stick injury is to the the ___________ after venipuncture SESIP (sharps box/container)
what percentage of decisions made by the physicians are based on lab findings 80%
angle in which the needle enters the arm during a routine venipuncture should be _____ to _____ degrees 15% to 30%
portion of the venipuncture needle that fits into the syringe of vacutainer adapter hub
The size of the evacuated tue you choose to obtain a venous blood specimen depends on the Amount of specimen required for the test
What is the correct order of draw for the vacuum tube method of venipuncture Red, Green, Lavendar, gray
During the venipuncture procedure, a sudden swelling occurs in the area around the puncture site you should: immediately remove the tourniquest and then the needle
Which of the following may result in hemolysis of the blood specimen? using a needle with a small lumen to collect the specimen
Hemolysis of a blood speciment results in inaccurate test results
Which of the following is found in the serum of the blood? Glucose, Hormones, Antibodies, ALL of the above ALL of the above
When performing a capillary puncture, the finger should not be squezzed to avoid Diluting the blood sample with Tissue Fluid
T/F Concerning venipuncture needles, the smaller the gauge, the larger the lumen of the needle True
T/F Once the top of the vacutainer tube has been punctured, it cannot be resued, even if the needle that punctured it was sterile True
When drawing a venous blood sample from the hand, a tourniquet should never be used False (always use a tourniquet)
T/F Verbal consent from a patient is necessary before a venipuncture True
T/F Capillary blood is a mixture of arterial blood and venous blood true
t/f During insertion of the needle into the vein during a routine venipuncture, the bevel of the needle should be facing down False
Color of vacutainer tube for hematology testing Red
No anticoagulants are found in which tube red
if a laboratory test requires serum, which vacutainer tube is used red
for a collection of blood specimen during glucose tolerance test, which tube is used gray
_____ is a coagulant that prevents platelets from clumping & preserves the appearance of blood cells for microscopic preparation EDTA (Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid)
The slant at the open end of the needle bevel
a tourniquet should remain tied on the patients arm no longer than 1 minute
During a routine venipuncture, when should the phlebotomist request that the patient make a fist after applying the tourniquet and before inserting the needle
during a routine venipuncture, when is the correct time to remove the tourniquet? As the last tube to be drawn begins to fill
If median cubebital vein cannot be used, what are the other veins to consider basilic (little finger side) cephalic (thumb side) brachial artery (same location as BP, but deeper more pain and more bleeding)
SST stands for serum seperator tube
Order of seperated blood in the hermatocrit top = plasma, middle = buffy coat, bottom = red blood cells
Red Topper for serum tests and most blood chemistries
Lavender Topper for (EDTA)obtain whole blood or plasma, CBC
Light Blue coagulation tests, (sodium citrate)most common PT tests
Green (heparin) blood gases
Gray Glucose GTT (contains sodium fluoride/potassium)
Dark Blue trace elements, lead test, arsenic
Label of tube contains additive, exp dt, tube capacity, fill indicator PT name or PT accession number
order of tube draws Yes Lets Be Really Good Little Girls Yellow Light Blue Red Green Lavender Gray
Name the five WBCs Neutrophils, Esonophils, Basilphils, Lymophcytes, Monocytes
polycythemia increased red blood cells
decreased hbg anemia
Platelet count 150,000 - 400,000
Hemoglobin range both female and male 12 - 16 and 14-18
Hematocrit ranges both female and male 37% - 47% and 40% - 54%
Hematology is the study of blood
CBC test includes WBC, RBC Hematocrit, Platelet count, Erythocytes Sedimentation Rate (ESR), Prothrombin, WBC w/diff, RBC Indicies
Decreased Hemoglobin anemia
Increased hemoglobin polycythemia, CHF, COPD
Hematocrit means to seperate blood
Measures the average amunt of blood glucose over a three month period Hemoglobin A1C
HDL Levels less than ___ is a risk factor for CHD 40
Total Cholesterol less than ___ mg.dl are desirable 200
According to CLIA two leels of controls must be performed on a blood chemistry analyzer everyday
primary use of the cholestrol test is to screen for coronary heart disease
blood test used to detect a blood incompatilibity problem with mother and baby RH antibody titer
assists in the diadnosis of rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid factor
screening test for syphilis VDRL
microorganism that causes infectious mononucleuosis Epstein Barr EBV
BUN is used to detect kidney disease
__________ is affected by consumption of food triglycerides
Build up of fatty deposits on the walls of arteries artero schler osis
term for a substance that is capable of combining with an antigen antibody
recommended A1c level for aDiabetic is less than seven
70-110 is the normal range for a fasting blood glucose
80-120 is the range for before eating blood glucose
LDL cholesterol level < _____ is considered optimal 200
recommended A1c level for a Non-diabetic is less than 5
Universal Reciepient AB+
Universal Donor o-
LDL carries cholesterol to the cells (lousy cholesterol to the cells)
HDL carries cholesteral to the liver (happy cholesterol to liver to excrete)
hormone required for the normal usag of glucose in the body insulin
total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides are all detected in a ____ panel lipid
performed to determine blood compatibility before a transfusion type and cross
what test is performed after a blood specimen is collected 2 hours after the patient consumes 100g of glucose 2-hr post prandial glucose test
tube used to collect blood for a prothrombin test light blue
GTT, ALT, ALP are all detected in a ___ panel Liver
NA, K, CA are all detected in a ____ panel electrolyte
chemotheraphy can cause leukopenia
troponin is compenent of a ----- panel cardiac
Increases in this may indicate such conditions as acute and chronic infections, rheumatoid arthities, hepatitis an lupus ESR (erythrocyte sedimenation rate)
An immarture form of a neutriphil is known as a Band
Plasma minus the clotting agents serum
A decreased hematocrit could be the result of excessive squeezing of the finger during collection and _______________ Anemia
What color stopper tube is used to collect a blood specimen for a prothrombin time test Light Blue
Winged infusion set is also known as a butterfly needle
performed to determine blood compatibility before a transfusion type and cross
Normal range for a platelet count 150,000 - 400,000
The device used for a dermal puncture is a Lancet
An increase in lyphocytges occurs when a patient has infectious mononucleosis
The smaller the gauge the larger the Lumen
AKA prothrombin time, performed to evaluate coumadin theraphy and collected in a light blue topped tube Protime
The slant at the open end of a needle used for venipuncture is termed the bevel
Erythrocytes lack a nucleus
Blood type O is considered to be the universal donor
Anticoagulant that prevents platelets from clumping and preserves the appearance of blood cells for microscopic preparation EDTA
If properly prepared has blood covering one half to three quarters of the slide Wedge Smear (blood)
AKA Platelet Thrombocyte
Needle size most commonly used for adult venipuncture 21 gauge
Good Cholesteral HDL
Bad Cholestreral LDL
Produced by plasma cells are protein molecules and can neutralize viruses and toxins directly antibodies
Non-specific antibodies produced in response to infection with epstein-barr virus heterophils
Troponin is a componet of a ___ panel Cardiac
The typical site for a capillary puncture on an infant is the medial or lateral side of the ___ Heel
T3, T4 and TSH are hormones detected in a ____ panel thyroid
No anticoagulants are found in what tube red topped
K, Na, and Fe are all electrolytes detected in and _____ panel electrolyte
The angel in which the needle enters the arm should be fifteen to ____ degrees 30 degrees
What color stopped tube is used to collect a blood speciment for a CBC? Lavender
Necessary for a lipid profile fasting
Hemoglobin A1c is measured to monitor this diabetes
Failure of the kidneys to produce urine Anuria
Inability to retain urine in the bladder Urinary Incontinence
Excessive (voluntary) urination during the night nocturia
presence of sugar in the urine glycosuria
Inabilitgy to control urination at night (bedwetting) Nocturna enuresis
present of pus in the urine pyuria
normal act of voiding micturition
Inability to empty the bladder; the urine is being produced normally by the kidneys, but is not being voided retention
Immediate need to urination Urgency
presence of blood in the urine hematuria
Blood may normally be present in the urine owing to menstruation
If a freshly voided specimen is cloudy, this means that A urinary tract infection may be present
Which of the following is an example of a quantitative test result: 500 mg/dl, 2+, Trace, Small, Positive 500 mg/dl
When collecting a clean-catch midstream urine specimen, a small amount of urine is voided into the toilet before obtainingb the speciment to: Flush microorganisms out of the distal urethra
What is included in a complete urinalysis? A chemical examination of urine, Microscopiic exam of urine sediment, a physical exam of urine
Which of the following substances is normally present in urine: Urea, Leukocytes, Ketones, Bilirubin, All of the above Urea
If a urine specimen is a light yellow color, this means that: The urine specimen does not contain many dissolved substances
Which of the following urine tests may be positive when a patient has hepatitis? Protein, Bilirubin, Glucose, Ketone bodies Bilirubin
What is the name of the hormone present only in the urine and blood of a pregnant women? HgG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
Which of the following pregnancy test can detect pregnancy the earliest? serum pregnancy test
The presence of bile pigments in a urine specimen causes the speciment to be: yellow brown in color
The pH of most urine specimens is: acidic
A urinalysis may be performed for all of the following reasons except to: Treat a patient's condition, Screen a patient for the presence of disease, Diagnose a pathologic condition, Evaluate the effectiveness of theraphy, All of the Above Treat a patient's condition
How much urine does the normal adult excrete each day? 750 - 2000 ml
A pH reading of 8 menas that the urine specimen is: Alkaline
When a patient has a urinary tracdt infection, all of the following test may be positive except: Protein, Nitrite, Leukocytes, Ketone bodies Ketone bodies
When performing a microscopic exam of urine, the presence of how many white blood cells/HPF is considered normal? 0 - 8
Polyuria may be caused by: excessive intake of fluids, Diabetes mellitus, taking a diuretic, consumption of caffeine, all of the above All of the above
Which of the folliwn is usually found in the urine sediment of a patient with candidiasis? yeast
If a urine specimen cannot be analyzed iwthin 30 minutes, the best course of action is to: refrigerate the specimen
Casts are formed In tghe lumen of the nephron tubules
which of the following normally contain microorganisms: urinary bladder, ureters, urinary meatus, kidneys Urinary meatus
Why is a first voided morning specimen preferred for perorming a microsocpic examination of urine? It contains more dissolved substances
The cell most likely seen in a normal specimen is: squamous epithelial cells
A 24-hour urine specimen may be collected to: Determine the cause of kidney stone formation
Which of the following test require a clean catch midstream specimen: Urine culture, urine pregancy test, urine drug testing, microscopic exam of urine sediment Urine culture
Which of the following does not result in oliguria: Vomiting, profuse perspiration, diarrhea, edema Edema
What odor would a urine speciment that has been allowed to stand at room temperature for a long time have: Ammonia
When instructing a female patient for a clean catch specimen, how many antiseptic toweletts should you instruct her to use? three
Which of the following test results indicates a concentrated urine specimen? Ketone bodies +1, Red Blood Cells: 3/HPF, Specific Gravity 1.025, Protein trace, pH 6 Specific gravity 1.025
When collecting a clean catch midstream specimen, a front-to-back motion is used to clease the urinary meatus to: avoid drawing microorganisms from the anal region into the area being cleansed
How should urine reagent strips be stored? With the cap tightly closed, in a dark container, in a dry area, in a cool area (all of these)
One of the first detectable signs of liver disease is: bilirubinuria
What is the term for the ketone bodies in the urine ketonuria
The type of speciment that should be used to test for the presenceof nitrite in the urine is a first voided morning specimen
What occurs if a urine specimen is allowed to stand for more than 1 hour at room temperature? It becomes cloudy
One of the first detectible signs of renal disease is: proteinuria
which of the following urine tests may be positive when a patient has undiagnosed diabetes mellitus? Glucose
Created by: dwall2674
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