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SS Chapter 8 Lesson 1

The two major rivers along which Chinese civilization developed (8-1) Chang Jiang (Yangtze) and Huang He (Yellow River)
The North China plain (8-1) REgion that has always been the center of chinese civilization
Three physical features that isolated china? (8-1) Mountian chains deserts and bodies of water
The earliest dynasty in china whose kings claimed to rule with the gods permission (8-1) Shang Dynasty
Animal boned or turtle shells on which Shang priests scratched questions to the gods (8-1) oracle bones
A simple drawing or charactger used for a word or idea and that is the basis of the Chinese system of writing (8-1) pictograph
Nomadic people that defeated the Shang (8-1) Zhou
A term describing the pattern of the rise and fall of dynasties in (8-1) dynastic cycle
The Chinese belief that a good ruler had approval from the gods (8-1) Mandate of Heaven
A Term for the early period of constant warfare among Chinese lords (8-1) Time of the Warring states
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