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Med sheet Unit 1

Pharm II - Spring 2012

Acetaminophen trade name Tylenol
Dosing of acetaminophen 325-650mg q4-6 hrs
AEs of APAP? Usu well-tol, hepatotox w/ OD or chronic high doses, nephropathy, anemia, blood dyscrasias
CI for APAP? Severe hepatic impairment/active liver dz
Trade name ibuprofen? Advil, Motrin
Dosing of ibuprofen? 200-400mg q4-6hrs PO; 400-800mg q6hr IV
Ibuprofen AEs? GI, renal, hematologic, hrt, hepatic, CNS
CIs for ibuprofen Angioedema, bronchospasm w/ ASA or other NSAID; 3rd trimester preg
What can occur if ibuprofen/celebrex taken in 3rd trimester of preg? Premature closure of ductus
Trade name of celecoxib? Celebrex
Dosing of celecoxib? 100 bid or 200mg qday for OA; 100-200mg bid for RA
AEs of celecoxib? Less GI tox, potential for incrsd risk of heart events, renal, hepatic
CIs of celecoxib? Allergy to sulfa-containing produx or ASA or other NSAIDS; 3rd trimester preg
Trade name of hydrocodone/APAP? Vicodin, Lortab
Which class is vicodin? C-III
What is the term used to refer to a med related to morphine? Phenanthrene
Dosing for hydrocodone/APAP? 1-2 PO q4-6hrs prn (5/500)
Max/day of hydrocodone/APAP? 8/day
AEs of vicodin? Drowsiness, N/V/C, pruritis
CIs for vicodin? CYP3A4 substrate = can reach toxic levels w/ macrolides, ketoconazole, protease inhibs
Trade name of Tramadol? Ultram
Class of Tramadol? C-IV
Dosing of Tramadol? 50-100mg q4-6hrs PO
Tramadol max/day? 4g/day or >75yo = 3g/day
Onset of action for tramadol? ~1hr
Pt w/ low CrCl taking vicodin..what is the max/day? 2g/day
AEs of tramadol? Drowsiness, N/V/C, pruritis
CIs with tramadol? Sz d/o, anti-depress, anti-psychotic, w/macrolides, ketoconazole, protease inhibs (CYP3A4 substrate)
Naloxone trade name? Narcan
Category of Naloxone? Mu-ANTagonist
Use of narcan? OD reversal
Dosing of narcan? 0.4-1.2mg IV (onset ~2min)...may need to repeat q2-3mins
AE's of narcan? Syncope, HA, insomnia, dizziness, N/V, injex site rxn
CI's of narcan? Acute hepatitis, liver failure
Methotrexate trade name? Rheumatrex
Methotrexate category? Non-biologic DMARD
What does DMARD stand for? Dz-mod anti-rheu drug
Gold std for RA? Methotrexate
Use of methotrexate? More severe/active RA
Dosing of methotrexate? 7.5-20 mg/WEEK PO or Injex
Clin response of Methotrexate? 1-2 months
AEs of methotrxate? Stomatitis (inflamm of mucus membranes), nausea, diarrhea, alopecia, elevated LFTs, liver tox, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, rare pulmonary and lymphproliferative tox
How can you possibly prevent alopecia with methotraxate use? Concurrent use of folic acid
CI for methotrexate? Preg or nursing, liver dz, kidney impairment, sig lung dz, alcohol abuse
What should be monitored with Methotrexate? CBC, LFTs
If consumed in excess, what may decrs effectiveness of methotrexate? Caffiene >180mg/day
Trade name of Hydroxychloroquine? Plaquenil
AEs of Hydroxychlor? Rash, diarrhea, abd cramps, retinal tox w/ high doses
What needs to be done periodically with those on Hydroxychlor? Ophthalmic exams
CIs of hydroxychlor? Long-term use in kids
Trade name of Etanercept? Enbrel
Etanercept is what category? Biolog-DMARD: Anti-TNF-alpha (used as monotherapy)
AEs of Etanercept? HA, abd pain, resp tract infex, rhinitis, infex, lymphomas, may exacerbate or cause HF (WATCH FOR INFECTIONS!)
Prednisone trade name? PredniSONE Intensol
Dosing for prednisone? <7.5mg/day
AEs of prednisone? HTN, hyperglycemia, cataracts, skin fragility, fluid retntion, wt gain, osteoporosis
CIs for prednisone? Systemic fungal infex, admin of live or live-attentuated vaccines
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