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top 200 31-60

top 200 elavil-viagra

amitriptyline -psychotopic agent -antidepressant elavil
bupropion -psychotropic agent -antidepressant budeprion
clonazepan -psychotopic agent -antianxiety klonopin
diazepam -psychotopic agent -antianxiety valium
paroxetine -psychotropic agent -antidepressant paxil
trazodone -psychotopic agent -antidepressant desyrel
venlafaxine -psychotopic agent -antidepressant effexor
elanapril -cardiovascular agent -antihypertensive vasotec
ramipril -cardiovascular agent -antihypertensive altase
sildenafil citrate -cardiovascular agent -ED agent viagra
valsartan -cardiovascular agent -antihypertensive diovan
warfarin -cardiovascular agent -anticoagulant coumadin
fluconazole -anti-infective -antifungal diflucan
ciprofloxacin -anti-infective -antibiotic cipro
levofloxacin -anti-infective -antibiotic levaquin
trimethoprim/sulfametoxazole -anti-infective -antibiotic septra bactrim
celecoxib -analgesic -NSAID -cox 2 inhibitor celebrex
naproxen -analgesic -NSAID naprosyn aleve
tramadol -analgesic ultram
acetaminophen/codeine -analgesic -opiate type & APAP tylenol #3
fexofenadine -respiratory agent -antihistamine -allergies allegra
fluticasone nasal spray -respiratory agent -antiinflammatory(nasal) flonase
fluticasone/salmeterol inhalation powder -respiratory agent advair discus
alendronate -musculoskeletal agent -osteoporosis fosamax
cyclobenzaprine -musculoskeletal agent -muscle relaxant flexeril
ranitidine -gastrointestinal agent -antacid/antiulcer -OTC & Rx zantac
pantoprazole -gastrointestinal agent -antacid/antiulcer protonix
conjugated estrogens -hormones & modifiers -estrogen premarin
gabapentin -neurological agent -antiepileptic neurontin
potassium cloride -electrolytic agent klor-con
Created by: loveroxy