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w.h. scientific rev.

scientific revolution

What did Europeans believe was the center of the universe? the earth
What did not accept new ideas? the church
What is a revolution? a movement that brings a drastic change.
Who was an English doctor and teacher william harvey
Who was the first person to correctly describe that the heart pumps blood and blood circulates through the body? william harvey
Who was the founder of modern astronomy? nicolaus copernicus
Who guessed that several heavenly bodies revolve around the sun? nicolaus copernicus
What did copernicus revolutionize the concept of? the universe
What theory did copernicus develop? the heliocentric theory
Who was a Flemish doctor and anatomist? andreas vesalius
What did vesalius bring innovation to the study of? human anatomy
Who said scientific knowledge is is found by observing nature not by reading and thinking about ancient books? andreas vesalius
What did vesalius mark the dawn of? modern science
Who invented the telescope? galileo galilei
Who achieved the law of inertia? galileo galilei
What method did galileo perfect? the scientific
Who proved that the planets revolved around the sun? galileo galilei
Who achieved astronomical observation? galileo galilei
Who was the greatest and most influential scientist in history? isaac newton
What did newton make major contributions to? understanding motion, gravity, heat, light, and calculus
Created by: mariarosas22