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Random pharm Unit 1

Pharm II - Spring 2012

Which non-opioids do not have anti-platelet effects? Celecoxib (selective cox-2 inhib) and NAS (Salsalate, trisalicylate)
NSAID with highest CV risk? Celecoxib
NSAID w/lowest CV risk? Naproxen
Opioid agonists have max biologic response when binding to which receptor? Mu
WHat are agents called that are related to morphine? Phenanthrenes
Which opioid should you take extreme caution with when switching to another? Methadone!!
What are good for bone pain? NSAIDS
WHat is inflammed, proliferating synovium called? Pannus
What should a pt taking steroids for RA make sure to get each day? 1500 mg ca2+ and 400-800 IU of vit D/day
WHat is the half life of leflunomide and why? 14-16 days, undergoes enterohepatic recirculation
How to get rapid clearance of Leflunomide? Cholestyramine (bc binds to it)
WHat is important to monitor with hydroxychloroquine? Retinal toxicity -- periodic ophthalmic exams
What should you tell patients about Sulfasalazine? May notice yellow/orange-ing of skin/urine
Created by: streetsmarts