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8th grade Religion

Chap 12 Quiz

Increase emphasis on the importance of a person humanism
the time period when there was three popes Great Schism of the west
not the true pope but the second elected pope by the cardinals antipope
a highly contagious disease or plague black death
this french word means rebirth renaissance
As the bishop of rome, the pope had always lived in Rome. However, from 1305-1377 the pope lived in what city? Avignon
Who emphasized that everyone is made in God's own image and likeness? Christian humanists of the Renaissance
In the late middle ages it became common practice for even the most religious Christians to receive what, a few times a year? Holy Communion
How did the Black Death affect the faith of the catholics of that time? It made the people think the world was ending, and God wasn't doing anything, so then he wasn't real.
Scientist believe that those that died from the Black Death had contacted a form of what? bubonic plague
What year did the Muslim Turks take over Christian capital Constantinople? 1453
What pope moved the papacy back to Rome? Gregory XI
What pope was the Antipope? Clement VII
Where did the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund meet from 1414 to 1418? Constance, Switzerland
What was the name of the pope that was elected after the council set aside all three popes? Pope Martin V
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