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Bible Quarter 3 Test

What two disciples raced to the tomb? Peter and John
Who won? John
Who went into the tomb first? Peter
Which disciple wouldn't believe until he touched the risen Christ? Thomas
Mark's Gospel account is written to what group of people? persecuted Christians
Which two gospel accounts of the resurrection are the most similar? Matthew and Mark
Which gospel account is the most different? Why John not synoptic
what is the name of the one named disciple on the road to Emmaus? Cleiophus
From what parts of Scripture does Jesus reveal truth about Himself? Law Prophets Psalms
What was Thomas' exclamation after he touched Jesus? My Lord and My God
This exclamation has significance for what three reasons? cry of faith/recognition/worship
What is it that we really should remember about Thomas' story? He triumphed in faith
Which gospel account has the shortest resurrection story? Mark
Which gospel author seeks to portray Jesus as the suffering servant? Mark
What is the defense of Christianity called? apologetics
What does Didymus mean? twin
Darkness comes over the land at what hour/time during the crucifixion? 6th hour (noon)
How long does it last? three hours
What do we call using evidence from multiple areas to support your conclusion? evidentialism
How does John refer to himself? the disciple whom Jesus loved
What word means "reconciliation for an offense or injury"? atonement
What tears in two from top to bottom when Christ dies? temple curtain
Why is that significant? mankind has access to God
What other cool things happened when Christ dies? rocks break apart, tombs opened, resurrection of the dead
Where was Christ crucified? Golgatha
What does that mean? the skull
Who carried Jesus' cross for Him? Simon of Cyrene
What is the Greek word for "It is finished." tetelestai
Was Christ's resurrection physical? yes
What did He do to prove this? He ate in their presence and showed Himself to the disciples.
What kinds of cool things could Christs' resurrected body do? walk through walls
24. On the road to Emmaus, what do the 2 disciples think Jesus is? prophet
Why do they recognize HIm? When He broke bread
Why is it significant that the verb they use is past perfect tense? had hope (had no more hope)
To whom does Jesus appear after the Resurrection? the women
Why is this significant? women were considered second class citizens and a woman's testimony would not hold up to court
What does it show us about Jesus? Christ was not concerned about social status.
How many Gospel accounts include the resurrection? four
How many gospel accounts include the crucifixion? four
Why might Mark's account end at 16:8 ( 4 reasons) type and wording changed/crucifixion /Mark's audience/textual-manuscript evidence
What is significant about Jesus' being forsaken? he took entirely the covenant curse of God's wrath
Be able to defend resurrection? reliable witness/no theft/disciples hiding/Romans wanted people to see their power/Jews did not-wanted him dead/guards guarding the tomb/sea
Into whose hands does Christ give His spirit? God the Father
What does this show us about Jesus? Even after being forsake Jesus had unshakable faith in God the father.
Created by: Matthew Hammond



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