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3E051 Set D book 1

The preferred Air Force base distribution system is 3-phase, 4-wire
A substation with one incoming transmission circuit and three outgoing distribution cirdcuits has (at least) how many lighting arresters? 12
Which item supplies control voltage to operate circuit breakers? batteries
What is the configuration of an induction-voltage regulator's primary and secondary windings? the primary is in shunt and the secondary is in series
In regards tko the circuit, how are a step-voltage regulator's primary and secondary windings configured? primary is in parallel and secondary is in series
When can the secondary of a current transformer be opened? when the primary is deenergized
Which is not a major funtion of an oil circuit breaker? to stabilize current flow during an overload situation
What oil circuit breaker components supply amperage to the protective relays? current transformer
What percent of electrical system faults are temporary? 95 percent
Of these devices, which does not interrupt a fault current? sectionalizer
Air-break switches can be used to break a circuit "under load" if they have arc horns
Why is the arc extinguished so quickly in a vacuum recloser? there is very little oxygen to burn
The insulating quality of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), at 0 PSI, is how much greater than dry air? 2.5 times
A high voltage switch is connected to the distribution system that it is protecting in loop
What is usually installed with an oil circuit breaker to allow for equipment maintenance, letting you keep the circuit in operation? knife blades and a normally open air-break switch
Oil circuit breaker contacts that are discolored by excessive heat should be replaced
Dielectric check the oil in oil circuit breakers every 6 months
Which of these acids mixed with water is an effective solution for cleaning insulators and bushings? muriatic
What do you use to clean the arc interrupters of an air-break switch? cloth or light sanding
Clean a modern air switch that has been closed for a long period of lim by opening and closing the switch several times
Battery bank maintenance is normally done monthly
What do we use to test a battery cell for its specific gravity? hydrometer syringe
What must you do if you add water to a battery in freezing temperatures? charge the battery
The dielectric test voltage for a relay that is rated at 600 volts is 2200 volts
After a wiring change to a control device, check substation circuits for proper operations
Switchboard graphic instruments and revenue watt-hour meters must be calibrated every 4 years
What device is essentially a voltage regulator and requires similair servicing? distribution transformer
What is the first step in isolating a voltage regulator? place regulator in the neutral or zero position
For each degree below 77 F, battery capacity is reduced by what percent? .8
What must you do after repair work on a relay? make a complete performace test
Which meter do you use in a transformer continuity check? megger
If a continuity check between the primary and secondary transformer windings shows a zero reading, the transformer is probably shorted
What publication outlines how to perform a flash hazard analysis to determine personal protective equipiment requirement? NFPA 70 E
Hard hats must meet ANSI 289.1 Class E requirements 20,000 VAC test for how many minutes? 3
Proper wear of arcflash resistant cloths includes? coveralls worn with sleeves rolled down
How often should the supervisor inspect body belts and safety straps? every 6 months
Which of these is used for a bending test on a body belt or safety strap? 3/4 inch mandrel
Which of these is not a way to tell whether gaffs are sharpened properly? slope test
Which part of the gaff do you sharpen? flat inner side
What is the required rhythm method when climbing a utility pole? left arm raises as left foot rises
What is the OSHA standard for retraining of climbing tasks performed less than once per year? annually
Leather protectors or gauntlets should be 2 to 5 inches shorter than the rubber gloves
For full protection up to the shoulder, rubber sleeves are worn tucked into rubber gloves
Which of these combinations are likely to use inside rubber gloves? cotton gloves and dusting powder
How often are rubber gloves given an electrical test? every 6 months
The supervisor must inspect rubber blankets visually every 6 months
How must rubber blankets be stored? flat or rolled in blanket canister
Which of the following manufacturer's certification test is acceptable for hotsticks? 100,000 VAC per foot for 5 minutes on fiberglass and epoxy sticks
How often are hot-line tools tested electrically? every 6 months
Test hot sticks electrically with a DC hi-pot test set
How many high-voltage test are made on a hot stick before it can pass? 4 one-foot segment tests and one overall test
At the job site, the aerial lift device should be positioned so the work area is always within reach of the boom
While raising the bucket, the operator should always face in the direction in which the bucket is moving
Materials or tools can only be passed from a worker on the ground to a worker on the aerial lift vehicle when both workers are wearing rubber gloves
All in-use aerial devices must recieve a daily pretest inspection and periodic verification test
The moisture test setup is the same as the upper boom insulation test
Who is responsible for daily inspections and overseeing other testing on the aerial lift truck? principal operator
The line truck winch is operated through the power takeoff
When you must work on a slope, position the truck so the work is on the high side of the truck
How is the rope put on the capstan? wind it clockwise, wiuth the load end next to the truck
Holding up a closed fist indicates what? stop all action
The key to using hand signal is what? All signals are approved by the Air Force
Which of these is the Operator's Inspection Guide and Trouble Report on which you write up line truck inspection discrepancies? AF form 1806
Which of the following does the motor pool handle? tire change
While you are operating the line maintenance truck, which gauge is the most important to watch? tachometer
In addition to engineers or the planning Section, who assists in making a "staking sheet" of the area over whick the line is to pass? a survey crew
Use AF Forsm 103, Base CE work clearance request for digging permits
For poles that are subject to more strain than normal, how many inches deeper do we set them? 6
What method do we use to remove dirt from a power auger? by spinning it off
What is the minimum number of workers needed for pole handleing? 2
What tool do workers use to position poles on the ground? cant hook
Sort a large number of poles to be stored by length
What method do we usually use to load poles on a trailer? boom method
In determining the class of a pole, how far up from the pole's butt do we measure it's circumference? 6 foot
What type of roof do we find on untreated wood poles? slant
What must you do before you cut the roof on a wood pole? find the pole's face side and back side
Where do we make the gain on a wood pole? face side of the pole
In using the line truck and winch to set a pole, attach the winch line before you raise the pole slightly above the midpoint of the pole
If a pole must be set in an energized line, what two additional articles of equipment must be used? rubber gloves and a pole gaurd
Which of these is the best situation for backfilling a pole hole? one shoveler and 3 tampers
What is the maximum amount of pole line angle you can have without needing a guy wire? 5 degrees
What type of anchor do we use for hard or compact soil? expanding anchor
What type of guy do we normally use at a curve in the line? side guy
Which of these combinations fo you use to draw up a guy wire and hold it in place for attachment to the anchor rod? chain hoist and 2 strand grips
What are the considered factors that establish the three loading areas for conductors in the US? longitudinal traverse and vertical loading
What insulator material is more resistant to vandalism? fiberglass
What knots does the person on the ground use to raise a crossarm? half hitch ad a clove hitch
Use armor rod on aluminum conductors
You are building a new pole line; which onductor does the person on the ground send up first is you are on the second pole the inside conductor
With what splice do you have to choose the correct size die? compression
What do you do to prevent a hot-line clamp from burning a main conductor? use a stirrup
what information do you need to find the proper amount of sag? span length, conductor type, temperature and loading district
What type of insulator is used at the dead end for a primary conductor? susspension insulator
pad mount transformers is the perferred mounting method for what transformer size? 225 kVA
Which method do we most likely use to install, single-phase transformer? block and tackle
Where do you connect the top and bottom connection points of a transformer's lighting arrestor? top to primary wire, bottom to ground wire
What causes a low power factor on a distribution line? large induction load in the circuit
What can we install to raise the power factor in a distribution circuit? transformers
What device do we use across a capacitor's terminals to gradually discharge the capacitor? resistor
For a below-ground check of a pole, to what depth do you dig the trench? 8 to 18 inches
At what location on a crossarm does decay usually start? pin holes
What condition can cause a crossarm to twist? unbalanced strain or insufficient guying
When a span shows too much sag while adjacent spans appear normal, the conductor has streched from being hit by a falling object
We must make voltage and current readings on capacitor installation at least 4 times per year
Where would you put the tree pruner to add a thirs section? lean it against a tree limb
To remove a limb, where do you make the last cut? flush with the trunk or parent limb
Which device can you use to detect a problem before service is interrupted? infrared detector
What must the electrician do before working on deenergized lines? test and ground the lines
How is the cable used for ground sets constructed? 600-volts insulated rubber or synthetic-covered flexible copper
The first connection you make in applying a ground set is the ground
What a break occurs in an energized line, how is the line at the break affected? the center disappears, leaving soft wire on either side
When you replace an arrestor that has been damaged by storke of lighting, what do you also check for damaged? ground wire
What must you do before working on energized lines? inspect hot line tools and equipment for proper operation
What two connector types do we use when splicing energized conductors? compression and automatic.
On energized conductors, we keep the tie wires short when removing them from the insulator because this prevents the tie wire from contacting other phases
What tie stick head do we normally used to untie tie wires? rotary blade
What do we use to raise the auxiliary crossarm assembly once we untie the tie wires? a snatch block
How many line hoses are needed for a pole change when the pole has a single crossarm supporting three phase conductors? 8
When replacing a pole, how many feet above the pole do you raise the auxililary arm? 3 to 4 feet
The high voltage audible indicator makes an audible sound when placed in an electrostatic field
The act of tying a tagline to each outside conductor with a bowline knot and pulling the conductors out of the work area we call tagging out
Where do you place the crossarm prior to securing it to the pole with a throughbolt? lineman's safety strap
The service meter normally measures kW- hours
What is the formula to find the amount of watt-hours used? new reading minus the previous reading
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