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chp. 12

vital signs

the four basic vital signs? pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature
a rapid but weak pulse may indicate? shock
blood vessels that carry blood to the heart? veins
blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart? arteries
heart rates over 100 are known as? tachycardia
heart rates below 60 are? bradycardia
in a trained athlete,the resting pulse will be? lower (because the heart muscle receives more exercise.)
the rythm of the pulse is described as? regular or irregular
when noting the pulse be sure to indicate the ______, ________ and __________. rate, rhythm and strength (or quality.)
Areas of the ______ monitor conditions in the body at all times. brain
The pulse is known as the _______ _______. radial pulse.
carotid artery is in the _____? neck
apical pulse is? (where) at the apex or top of the heart
CPR stands for? cardiopulmonary resuscitation
when taking a pulse you need? a watch with a second hand (and gloves if blood or fluid is present)
artery located on face in front of the ear? temporal artery
artery found on the inside of the arm at the crease near the elbow? brachial artery
popliteal artery is found where? behind the knee
the pulse located on top of the foot and used primarily to check for feet circulation dorsalis pedis
deep, gasping respirations kussmaul's breathing
15 yrs and older respiration is __to __ breaths per min.? 15 to 20
a well trained athletes respiration is __ to __ breaths per min.? 6 to 8
top # in a blood pressure reading? systolic
hypotension is low blood pressure
hypertension is high bloob pressure
what is a blood pressure cuff? sphygmomanometer
body's temperature is regulated by an area in the brain known as? hypothalamus
the key to quality care is ? communication
normal body temp is? 98.6 F or 37 Celsius
most practical temp reading in the field is? tympanic
in emergency situations blood pressure should be measured? ASAP
Created by: Mrs. Franks