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Q&E Medical Terms 3

Chapter 3

Erythrocyte Red blood cell
Electrocardiogram A record or tracing of the electrical impulses of the heart
Hemolysis Destruction of red blood cells that results in liberation of hemoglobin
Abductor A muscle that draws a body part away from the midline of the body
Dystrophy Any disease caused by defective nutrition or metabolism
Carcinogenesis The production or origin of cancer
Megalocyte A large cell, usually restricted to mean an extremely large red blood cell
Cytoscopy Examination of cells
Albino An individual with congenital absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes
Cyanosis A condition in which deficiency of oxygen results in a slightly bluish, slatelike color of the skin
Dyskinesia Painful or difficult movement
Phagocyte A cell that ingests particulate matter
Lithotripsy Surgical crushing of a stone
Cephalometry Measurement of the head
Photophobia Unusual sensitivity of the eyes to light
Pyromania Abnormal preoccupation with fire
Leukocyte A white blood cell
Electroencephalograph An instrument used to record the electrical impulses of the brain
Stupor The combining form in the term "narcotic"
Psychogenic "Originating in the mind"
Litholysis Dissolving or destruction of a calculus
Lipoma A benign tumor composed of fatty tissue
Necrosis Death of areas of tissue or bone surrounded by healthy tissues
Melanoma Malignant, pigmented tumor
Pyoderma An inflammatory disease of the skin in which pus is produced
Ophthalmopathy Any disease of the eye
Narcolepsy A chronic ailment that consists of recurrent attacks of drowsiness
Aphonia Absence or loss of voice
Cryosurgery Destruction of tissueby application of extreme cold temperatures
Hyperthermia A serious condition in which the body temperature is greatly elevated because of retention of body heat
Mycodermatitis Inflammation of the skin caused by a fungus
Cancer Carcinoma
Endotracheal Inside the trachea
Dermal Pertaining to the skin
Cryptorchidism Undescended testical
Macrocephaly Enlarged head
Mycology The study of fungi
Tachycardia Increased pulse rate
Euthyroid Normal thyroid function
Contraindication Any condition that renders some particular line of treatment improper
Para-appendicitis Inflammation of the tissue adjacent to or near the appendix
Bradyphasia Abnormal slowness of speech
Anticonvulsive An agent that is used to prevent convulsions
Hypoparathyroidism Below normal secretion of the parathyroids
Anaerobic Able to live without oxygen
Transdermal A type of drug that can be absorbed through the skin surface
Bradyphasia This word has the prefix "brady." The prefix does not indicate a location on the body
Xanthosis Indicated yellow
Microscope Micro indicated "small"
Carcinogen Cancer-causing substance
Dysphasia Difficult speech
Electrolysis Destruction of tissue by electrical current
Diplobia Double vision
Polydipsia Excessive thirst
Hemiplegia Paralysis of one side of the body
Cephalic Pertaining to the head
Electrocardiogram Record produced in electrocardiography
Intramuscular Within the muscle
Afebril Without fever
Bradycardia Slow pulse rate
Hemoglobin red pigment in blood*
Ectopic Pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus*
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