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Unit 1 Faith Review

Ms. Berry's Christian Scripture Period 3

Who was a masterful and prolific letter writer in ancient Rome? Pliny the Younger
Which four main categories is the Old Testament divided into? Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, and Prophetic Books
What are the different regions of Palestine from North to South? Galilee, Samaria, and Judea
What is the first stage of the formation of the Gospels? Public Life and Teaching of Jesus
What is the second stage of the formation of the Gospels? Oral Tradition
What is the third stage of the formation of the Gospels? New Testament Writings
What language did Jesus speak? Aramaic
Who was the Jewish historian who wrote about Jewish wars and Jewish antiquities? Josephus
Who was the Roman history from around AD 115 who was the only one to mention Pilate? Tacitus
When was the New Covenant instituted Last Supper
What type of criticism focuses on the literary differences in each New Testament book in the individual literary units each contains? Form Criticism
What is the field of study that deals with interpretation of written texts? Hermaneutics
What is the scholarly investigation of the meaning of a Scriptural text? Exegesis
What type of criticism analyzes Scripture using scientific methods to create a professional judgment based on the historical, cultural, and literary context? Biblical Criticism
Which heresy denied the essential humanity of Jesus claiming that he only seemed to be only human? Docetism
What are the 5 subcategories of Biblical Criticism/ Source, Historical, Form, Redaction, and Textual
What kind of criticism tries to determine what sources were used to compose the work? Source Criticism
What are the four criteria for studying the historical Jesus? Linguistic analysis, Originality, Convergence, and Consistency
What is St. Jerome's translation that became the Church's official translation of the Bible? Vulgate
What is the group of 71 members who were the Supreme legislative branch of the Jewish people? Sanhedrin
What are the two senses of Scripture? Literal and spiritual
What are the 3 parts of the New Testament? Gospels, Acts, and Letters
What is the preaching to nonbelievers about Jesus' works, Death, Resurrection, and Assumption? Kerygma
What means "sound down?" Catechesis
What are the 3 forms of oral preaching during the second stage of gospel formation? Kerygma, Didache, and Liturgy
What Aramaic endearment term means "daddy?" Abba
What were the 3 major feasts of Jesus time?" Passover, Pentacost, and Tabernacles
What comes from the Greek word for "assembly?" Synagogue
What is the Feast of Dedication? Hanukkah
What time period was the "Peace of Rome?" Pax Romana
What Greek word means "anointed one?" Christos
What means "separated one?" Pharisee
Who was Levi? Matthew
After Herod the Great's death, who ruled Palestine? Archelaus, Herod Antipas, and Philip
Which woman did Jesus first appeared to after being raised from the dead? Mary Magdalene
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