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Knowledge Map Review

Study guide for the Knowledge Map

Who is the prophet of Islam? Muhammad
Followers of Islam are called what? Muslims
What are the three kingdoms from West Africa? Ghana, Mali, Songhai
What was the name of the famous West Africa city where scholars came from all over to visit and learn? Timbuktu
Who made a Pilgrimage to Mecca and gave out large amounts of gold causing people to be curious about West Africa? Mansa Musa
The kingdoms of West Africa grew wealthy from trading what two resources? Salt and Gold
What are groups of people who worship together called? Congregations
Countries become this when goods and services are imported and exported. Interdependent
Countries become interdependent when goods and services are what? imported and exported
Countries become interdependent when what two things are imported and exported. goods and services
What is the term for the spread of ideas from one culture to another? Diffusion
Provide two adjectives to describe the Greek land, which was why the Greeks used the Mediterranean Sea for food and trading. rocky and mountainous
Because the Greek land was very rocky and mountainous, they used the Mediterranean Sea to do what? two things? trading and food
What is the term for a Greek city-state? polis
Give an example of a Greek polis. Athens or Sparta
The Greeks founded democracy. Who is the father of democracy? Cleisthenes
Greece was the first civilization to have citizens participate by doing this in the government. voting
This is the type of government where all citizen participate in all decisions and outcomes. direct democracy
This is the type of government where citizens elect other people to make decisions for them. representative democracy
The Greeks started these to honor their gods. Olympic games
Most of the greatest Muslim achievements occurred in what two subjects? math and science
These were the names of the two main city-states in ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta
The Greeks were the first to use these in their buildings. columns
When this Muslim city in Spain fell to the Europeans, the Europeans found libraries there that contained more knowledge than they ever knew. Toledo
What did the European find after conquering the city of Toledo in Spain? libraries that had more knowledge than they had known before
Name three Greek philosophers. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
This is the pledge to behave with good moral values that doctors still follow today. Hippocratic Oath
Who follows the Hippocratic Oath, pledge to behave with good moral values, today. doctors
This was the Greek mathematician who created many of the Geometry rules you still follow today? Euclid
The ancient Greeks created this to allow heavy objects to be lifted with less force. pulley block
The ancient Greeks created this which they used to bring water from the river to a higher area. screw
This Greek inventor, mathematician, scientist, and engineer discovered the principles of buoyancy. Archimedes
These are common Roman people. Plebeians
These are upper class Roman people. Patricians
Rome elected leaders in 509 b.c. causing them to be the first place to have this form of government. Republic (Republican)
Rome separated powers in government between the Magistrates, Senate, and the Assembly. What do we call the separation of powers in government? Checks and balances
The Romans used this in the government, which means the ability to reject or stop a law from passing. veto
What was the written code of Roman laws called? Twelve Tables
Roman citizen's had a responsibility to participate in the government. What is this called? civic duty
What was the name of the famous tomb built by the Mughal Empire? Taj Mahal
What happened to the kings power in Western Europe as a result of the Crusades? Provide two reasons to explain the answer. Their power increased because they took lands back from the nobles when the nobles died on the Crusades or when the nobles could not pay back money they borrowed from the king to go on the Crusades.
The Romans used arches to build these that brought fresh water from the mountains to their cities. aqueducts
The Romans used these to build aqueducts that brought fresh water from the mountains to their cities. arches
These were the five Romance languages that all came from Latin. Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian
Roman invented this by mixing volcanic ash with crushed limestone. cement/concrete
The Romans used these two architectural structures in their buildings. arches and domes
How did the Romans build there roads so they could last longer? in layers
What is another name of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire? Byzantine Empire
What were three problems that led to the downfall of the Western Half of the Roman Empire? corruption and greed in the government, Byzantine Empire had all the wealth, hard to communicate across the large empire
What four groups invaded the Roman Empire and led to the fall of the Western half of the Roman Empire? Huns, Goths, Vandals, Franks
Why did feudalism start in Western Europe? The kings could not protect people from the Viking, Magyar, and Muslim invasions.
This is the system of promises and loyalties between lords and vassals. Feudalism
This is the process of turning a piece of land called a fief into a self sufficient property. manor system
The manor system is the process of turning a piece of land called this into a self sufficient property. fief
This is the term for a knight who promises to support a lord in exchange for land. vassal
What spread across Western Europe on the Roman roads? Christianity
This was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople
What did the Byzantines use to trade goods with people in Asia? Silk Road
This place was built in Baghdad in the 700's and was a place where people came to learn in the Islamic Empire. House of Wisdom
Muslims created these to help people learn how to make medicine. Pharmacies
Muslims created some of the first hospitals in the 900's and did this to the sick. quarantined them
Muslims thinkers translated books from these two groups into Arabic. These books eventually made there way into Europe, starting the Renaissance. Greeks and Romans
Muslim thinkers translated works from Greeks and Romans into this language. These books eventually made their way into Europe, starting the Renaissance. Arabic
Muslims created this using the numbers from ancient India. Algebra
Muslims created Algebra using numbers they discovery in ancient India. Today the numbers are called what? Hindu-Arabic numbers
These were holy wars fought between Christians and Muslims over the city of Jerusalem in the land of Palestine. Crusades
The Crusades were holy wars fought between what two groups over the city of Jerusalem in the land of Palestine? Muslims and Christians
Name six products/knowledge that were brought to Europe from Asia as a result of the Crusades. silk, spices, citrus fruits, algebra, compass, Hindu-Arabic numbers
This was a document that gave more power to upper class people in England. Magna Carta
The Magna Carta had many rights. Name four rights that are still around today that come from the Magna Carta. you cannot be kept in jail without a reason, you have the right to a trial by jury, the leader is not above the law, right to have fair taxes
Why did the Silk Road have multiple routes? because of geographic features like mountains and deserts
This was a series of plagues that killed 1/3 of Europe's population between 1347 and 1351. Black Death
The Black Death was a series of plagues that killed how much of Europe's population between 1347 and 1351. 1/3
Any ideas against the Catholic Church are called what? heresy
Any person who expresses ideas against the Catholic Church is called what? heretic
What term means to be kicked out of the Catholic Church? Excommunicate
What is the term given to people who work for the Catholic Church? clergy
Who organized the Mongols into a powerful army and invaded China? Genghis Khan
Who traveled to China from Europe and wrote a book about his journey creating European interest in China? Marco Polo
What did Marco Polo do to create European interest in China? wrote a book about his journey to China
Name three things the Chinese invented that spread west along the Silk Road through the Muslims and the Mongols. gunpowder, paper, magnetic compass
The Byzantine Empire fell in 1453 when this group of Muslims captured the capitol Constantinople. Ottoman Turks
This is a rebirth of interest in classical art, architecture, and literature from the Greeks and Romans. Renaissance
This is the way of thinking and learning that stresses the importance of human ability and action. Humanism
Who developed the printing press with movable type in the 1450's. It allowed learning to spread faster than ever before in Europe. Johann Gutenberg
What was the movement to try and change the Catholic Church that Martin Luther started called? Reformation
Who started the Reformation, the movement to try and change the Catholic Church? Martin Luther
What was the name of Christians who were against the way the Catholic Church taught Christianity? protestants
Why was Constantinople able to become wealthy from trading? It was in the perfect location between Europe and Asia.
Shortly after signing the Magna Carta, noble in England formed this group to advise the king. Parliament
What is the term for national governments sharing power with local governments? federalism
What two reasons did Europeans explore in the early 1400's? find a direct route to Asia to get spices cheaper, spread Christianity
The exchange of plants, animals, and ideas between the new world (America's) and the old world (Europe and Asia) was called this. Colombian Exchange
This is considered to be the birth of modern science and was a time in Europe between 1540 and 1700 when Europe began to look to science to solve their problems. Scientific Revolution
This is the name given to countries that have a defined border and share a common language and culture. Nation-states
When the Mongols failed to conquer Japan, what two places rebelled and took their land back? China and Korea
China and Korea took their lands back after the Mongols failed to conquer what place? Japan
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