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The Silk Road

Discovery Middle School Chapter 24 The Silk Road

Silk Road refers to a trade route that allowed China to trade with other ancient cultures
Zhang Qian called the Father of the Silk Road
silk a fiber used to make cloth
glassware glass blown into wonderful, delicate shapes
mirage an image of something that isn't really there, such as water
caravan a group of people traveling together
Kashgar the central trading point where the Eastern and Western Silk Roads met
The Silk Road was known for the transfer of goods. What other things were moved along this trail? ideas
How did the Silk road become possible? expansion of the Han empire
Zhang Qian, in his second journey to the west, was very successful. He learned about... a powerful horse and grapes.
Zhang Qian, who is often called the Father of the Silk Road, was charged with the mission of forming an alliance with western neighbors. He failed at that but succeeded in what? he learned about western culture
Revealing the secret of making silk was punishable by... death.
Silk was a valuable good for trade, for ancient China, because... they were the only ones who knew how to make it.
The Chinese wanted to trade silk for many items but the one they liked most from Rome was... glassware.
Traveling on the Silk Road was very dangerous. Many times travelers would make the journey in caravans because... a group of people together were safer.
Many goods traveled on the Silk Road. What was required of a valuable trade good? it was light
What animal was used the most on the Western Silk Road? yak
India traded cotton and spices to China in return for silk and ... fine dishware
What was the importance of a trade good being easy to carry and valuable? a merchant could take more goods on fewer animals
What is an example of a cultural effect that trade had on the peoples that used the Silk Road? Buddhism spread from India to China.
Where did the Western Silk Road end? Rome
Which religion reached China by the Silk Road? Buddhism
Travelers on the Western Silk Road experienced dizziness, and ringing of the ears. This could have been caused by... oxygen was thin on high mountains.
Roman emperor Tiberius passed a law against the wearing of silk in Rome. Why would he do this? He didn't want so much gold leaving Rome for trade.
The exchange of goods, previously found only in certain lands, with other peoples caused which of the following? The Chinese learned how to make glassware and the Romans silk.
Created by: randy hogue