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SA Final Exam

Stars Academy Final Exam

Specimen collection procedures are part of which phase of laboratory workflow cycle? preexamination
Which of the following is the main area of responsibility for every phlebotomist? preanalytic processes
Part of being a responsible member of a health care team involves understanding the mission, goals and objectives
In order to protect themselves on the job, phlebotomists should have which character trait? propensity for cleanliness
All clinical laboratories are regulated by which of the following agencies? CLIA
The CLIA category of "waived tests" are laboratory procedures that are the lowest risk to the patient
An example of an unfavorable patient outcome during or after a phlebotomy procedure would be if the patient faints after the venipuncture
Which is an example of a barrier to communication with a patient? a loud tv
DOB stands for date of birth
Which of the following statement is appropriate during a phlebotomy procedure? Could you please spell your last name for me?
What feelings does one experience when a stranger gets too close for comfort? anxiety
Which of the following data should be considered confidential? laboratory test results
What is the most error-free method for requesting a laboratory test? computerized method
What is the legal term for improper or unskillful care of a patient by a member of the health care team, or any professional misconduct, unreasonable lack of skill, or infidelity in professional or judiciary duties? malpractice
Which of the following legal branches writes regulations that enforce the laws? legislative branch
A child who refused to have his blood collected was locked in a room by a health care worker and was forced to have his blood collected. This is an example of which legal concept? Assault and battery
Which legal concept refers to the voluntary permission by a patient to allow touching, examination, and/or treatment by health care providers? implied consent
When should incident reports involving accidental HIV exposures be reported? immediately
Informed consent refers to a health care worker's right to perform blood collection on the patient since the patient has signed hospital documents for having medical procedures
A national organization that develops guidelines and sets national standards for laboratory procedures is the Joint Commission
Respondeat superior holds the employer responsible for acts of the employee(s)
Which of the following is/are the links in the chain of infection? susceptible host, source, mode of transmission
What is/are the primary function(s) of isolation procedures? prevent transmission of communicable diseases
Nurses, physicians, and other health care workers are responsible for knowing the procedures of which type(s) of isolation? airborne, standard precautions
Protective isolation is generally used for a pediatric patient who has an immunodeficiency
Airborne precautions may be required for patients with infections such as tuberculosis, whooping cough
According to the OSHA standards for occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens, which of the following is a PPE? fluid-resistant gown, goggles, respirator
Safe working conditions in the health care environment are federally regulated by OSHA
Class C fires are electrical fires
What are the major principles of self-protection from radiation exposure? shielding, time, distance
Which of the following safety rules is not appropriate for a patient's room? provide the patient with medications on the patient's bedside if the patient asks for them.
Which of the following is a main objective in treating a shock victim? improve circulation
The first step in providing breathing aid to a victim in an emergency situation is to send for medical assistance
the Right to Know law originated with OSHA
If an electrical accident occurs involving electrical shock to an employee or a patient, the first thing that the health care worker should do is shut off electrical power
A chemical is spilled onto a health care worker, he or she should first rinse the area with water
Which layers make up human skin? epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous
Which of the following body systems provides for CO2 and O2 gas exchange? respiratory
Which of the following are important anatomical structures of the respiratory system? pharynx, trachea, bronchiole and alveolus
Which of the following cell structures is the control center for a cell? nucleus
What portion of human body weight is water? 90%
Homeostasis refers to which of the following? steady-state condition
Whole blood consists mostly of which of the following? water
Which type of blood cell is responsible for gas exchange in the circulating blood? red blood cells
Which type of blood cell is responsible for defense and immunity? white blood cells
The liquid portion of a blood specimen (without an anticoagulant) is called serum
Which of the following veins is the preferred vein for venipuncture procedures? median cubital
Which blood test includes WBC and RBC counts, hemoglobin and hematocrit? CBC
the most common blood type is O
Which of the following anticoagulants is found in a purple-topped blood collection vacuum tube? EDTA
Which of the following anticoagulants is found in a pink-topped blood collection vacuum tube? EDTA
For capillary collection from newborns, a lancet of which of the following lengths should be used to avoid penetrating bone? 1.75mm
Which of the following blood chemical constituents is light sensitive? bilirubin
Which of the following vacuum tubes is used to collect blood so that the serum can be separated from the blood cells as quickly as possible? SST
From the listed needle gauges, which one has the smallest diameter? 23
Which of the following needs to be collected in a purple-topped vacuum tube? CBC
which of the following a glycolytic inhibitor? Sodium flouride
Small red spots on a patient's skin due to a blood clotting abnormality is referred to as petechiae
What cleansing agent can be used for a patient's venipuncture site if the patient is allergic to iodine and alcohol? chlorhexidine
A decrease in the plasma volume with an increased concentration of cells and larger molecules is referred to as hemoconcentration
Which of the following laboratory test results are affected most if the patient is not fasting? triglycerides and glucose
An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces of the body that is localized or diffused is referred to as edema
If the tourniquet is applied for longer than three minutes, which of the following analytes will most likely become falsely elevated? potassium
A hospitalized patient may not be identified by of the following means? patient's chart
The most common sites for venipuncture are in which of the following areas? the antecubital area of the arm
Using a butterfly needle is beneficial for geriatric patients
What effect does warming the site have on venipuncture? increases localized blood flow
How long should the tourniquet be placed around the patient's arm? no more than one minute
Of the following specimens, which should be the first tube collected in the suggested order of draw using the evacuated tube system? blood culture
Containers for the disposal of needles and syringes should have which of the following features? puncture resistance
Which of the following is a preferred site for a capillary puncture? third finger
Controlling the depth of lancet insertion during skin puncture prevents which of the following? osteomyelitis
Which finger(s) are used most often for skin puncture? third or fourth finger
If alcohol is used to decontaminate a capillary puncture site, which of the following is an essential step? allowing the site to air dry prior to the puncture
The best angle for using two glass slides to make a blood smear is approximately 30 degrees
Which one of the following would be considered a preexamination/preanalytical error underfilling the aliquot container
Which blood specimen should be kept warm during transport to the laboratory? cold agglutinins
Which analyte is photosensitive? bilirubin
Which of the following practices will likely cause hemolysis? shaking the tube to mix the contents
Serum should be removed from blood cells after which time period? 120 minutes
A specimen should be chilled for which of the following analyses? blood gas
Performing blood collection on a child is challenging because a child is less emotionally mature than an adult
Which is the best location for performing a phlebotomy on a hospitalized child? treatment room
Which is the preferred site for a heel stick? medial or lateral aspect
Diabetes mellitus is caused by the inability of the pancreas to make or to use which substance? insulin
What is the next step after the skin is punctured to obtain blood for glucose monitoring? use a dry, sterile gauze pad to remove the first drop of blood
Which of the following is the preferred site for blood collection for ABG analysis? radial artery
The reason for performing the modified Allen test is to determine that the ulnar and radial arteries provide collateral circulation
Which of the following supplies is not needed during an arterial puncture for an ABG determination? tourniquet
Which of the following evacuated tubes is preferred for the collection of a blood culture specimen? yellow-topped evacuated tube
During a glucose tolerance test, which procedure is acceptable? the patient should be encouraged to drink water throughout the procedure
Autologous transfusion is to prevent which of the following possibilities? antibodies forming in the transfused patient
When blood is drawn from the radial artery for an ABG determination, the needle should be inserted at an angle of no less than 30 degrees
Which of the following can be used in children and infants to diagnose whooping cough? nasopharyngeal culture
Which type of urine specimen is needed to detect an infection? clean-catch
The O&P analysis is requested on which type of specimen? fecal matter
Which of the following is an example of an illicit drug? marijuana
Gateway drugs include alcohol and tobacco
What is the purpose of a chain of custody process? account for a specimen from point of collection to final disposition
Urine specimen containers used in federal workplace testing usually have which of the following? temperature strips
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