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med term 300

root word, prefix, suffix

alveol- socket
appen- appendix
bili- bile
bucca- cheek
cec- blind passage
cheil- lip
chole- gall
col- colon
duodeno- duodenum
enter- intestines
esophag- esophagus
gastr- stomach
gingiv- gum
glosso- tongue
ile- ileum
labi- lip
laryng- larynx
lingua- tongue
lith- stone
odont- tooth
oment- covering of internal abdominal organs
or- mouth
palat- soft structure separating nose from mouth
peps- pept- digest
phage- eat
pharyng- pharynx
plak- plate
proct- anus
stoma- opening
uvula grape-like projection hanging from the soft palate
colpo- vagina
gravid- pregnant
hyster- uterus
metr- uterus
nephr- kidney
oophor- ovary
orchido- testicle
ovar- ovary
para- woman who has produced offspring
part- birth
prostate- gland of the male reproductive system
ren- kidneys
salpingo- uterine tube
semen- seed
ureter- urine-carrying tube
urethra- urethra
utero- uterus
vesic- bladder
-centesis surgical puncture
-desis surgical union
-ectomy partial or total surgical removal of a body part
-ostomy surgically create an opening
-otomy surgical incision
-pexy surgical act of fastening
-plasty molding by surgery
-rrhaphy suture
-scope look
-tome cutting instrument
-tripsy surgical crushing
Created by: kaycie