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Haman Ch8

Mr. Haman's class, Ch.8 Vocab and Study Guide

A state with control over it's internal affairs has? Sovereignty
The attempt by one country to impose political control over another territory is? Colonialism
What are some characteristics of microstates? - many are islands - they are teenie-tiny - many of the island-nations are former european colonies - smaller than 1,000 square kilometers
What are some good examples of elongated states? Malawi, Chile, Italy, Gambia
What shape most easily fosters the establishment of effective internal communications for a smaller state? Compact state?
The process of redrawing legislative boundaries to benefit the party in power is called? gerrymandering
What are the three main physical environments commonly used as boundaries? rivers/lakes, mountains, deserts
The boundary between the US and Canada is? geometrical/ water
Boundaries were redrawn in much of Europe after WW1 according to? The distribution of languages
The Aozou Strip is a good example of a? geometric boundary
An example of a perforated state is? South Africa
A state which places most power in the hands of a central government is a? unitary state
Redistricting so that the opposition is spread across many districts as a minority it termes a _____ strategy wasted vote
States cooperate with each other for what kind of reasons? Economic, military, and political
The European Union has? promoted economic growth in Western Europe
The United Nations is primarily what kind of cooperative effort? political
The former Soviet Union used what as the primary centripetal device? language
A universalizing religion appeals to people living in a wide variety of locations
____ is to Canada as ____ is to the US French, Spanish
An isogloss is? A boundary between language regions
Folk Cultures spread primarily by? relocation diffusion
Popular culture... typically follows the process of hierarchical diffusion from nodes of innovation
Rapid diffusion of popular culture depends on modern communication systems
Refugees migrate primarily because of what type of push factor? cultural
The most important pull factor for migrants to North America today is? economic
Land suited for agriculture is called? arable land
The shape of a country's population pyramid is determines primarily by its? crude birth rate
The diffusion of HIV/AIDS prevention methods and treatments in the US is an example of what type of diffusion? contagious diffusion
The frequency of something within a given unit of area is? density
An area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics is a? region
The world's largest state is? Russia
Conflicting claims to the Arctic are mostly due to? The potential for energy resources
The only large land mass not part of a sovereign state is? the Arctic
The first states in ancient Mesopotamia were? city- states
The first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in? Western Europe
An area organized into an independent political unit is a? state
Political unity in the ancient Mediterranean world reached its height in? The Roman Empire
A territory tied to a state rather than being completely independent is a? colony
Over the past 1/2 century, the number of sovereign states in the world... has increased by more than a hundred
The motives of European states in establishing colonies can be summarized as? Glory, God, Gold
The British created different government structures for its various colonies to? help protect cultures in their territories
A frontier, in contrast to a boundary... is an area rather than a line
An increasing number of states have adopted a federal form of government primarily to? grant different ethnicities or nationalities more effective representation
conflict in Africa is widespread because of? numerous ethnic groups colonial boundaries
Created by: adrienne97
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