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4th Six Weeks Review

If scientists could create rain.... Rainfall would produce more crops
What geographic feature is most responsible for prosperous mining in South Africa? diamonds and gold
How did African dance and music arrive in the United States? Slave trade
Why do they speak English in Nigeria? Britain colonized many parts of Africa
The invention of irrigation systems are examples of _____________ ways to help life in arid climates.
Placing limits on the government allows for ____________________ personal and economic freedoms
An example of a type of secondary industry is ____________________ using natural resources to create a new product
The citizens in an unlimited government have _________________ very little power, freedoms, speeach or having a voice
What events led to the development of reggae music? Slave trade and cultural diffusion
Unfair policies toward the African people in South Africa was called? Apartheid
Transportation is a part of which economic industry? Tertiary= Trucking and Transporataion
What is a secondary industry? Secondary industries create new products from natural resources
Great Britain had the most control of which continent in the 1800's ? Africa
The Hutu's of Rwanda wanted _____________________ to kill all Tutsi's after the presidents were killed
What causes desertification? too little rain, too much farming, and too many animals feeding on one specific area.
The Dutch, French, Portuguese and British all participated in the ______________________ African Slave Trade
What was the Triangular Trade System? a system of delivering slaves to the America’s, sugar to Europe and textiles and rum to Africa creating a triangular system.
Boundaries of newly independent African countries were created by_____________________ colonization
Sudan and Rwanda___________________ made world news for incidents cultural conflicts
What is subsistence farming? producing just enough food to use for your family
The Scramble for Africa was mainly motivated because of the need for? Natural resources, free labor, ethnocentrism
Ethnic conflicts, scarce resources, drought and famine are _________________ reasons for problems in some African countries
The Industrial Revolution was ______________________________ a period in the late 18th century where goods were being produced by machines
What is apartheid severe oppression of South African People
Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain are all countries in _________________. Europe
What geographical feature is Madagascar? Madagascar is an island
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