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INSTE I:2 FYM Week 8

Man and sin

2 views on man's origination Evolution and Biblical creation
Evolution Matter: Product of time & chance; Life: arisen from primitive forms; Creation of Man: more developed and complex form of life
Biblical Creation Matter: Created by God; Life: God spoke it; Creation of Man: God formed him & breathed life into him
Theory of creation is not anti-scientific It is anti-evoluntionistic, not anti-scientific. Evolution is a theory, as is creation. Both require faith.
Man is made in the image of God (fundamental elements of His personality) Intellect, conscience, moral decision-making, premonition of/desire for immortatility, abstract thinking, creativity
Dichotomist Body/Human Nature is compromised of 2 parts: Body and soul
Trichotomist Body/Human Nature is compromised of 3 parts: Body, soul, and spirit
Soul Man is conscience of himself
Spirit Man is conscience of God
Flesh (2 meanings in the NT) Humanness; carnality/depravation of man (figuratively)
Sin according to John Wesley Voluntary transgression of a known law
Westminster Creed defination of sin Sin is a failure to conform to the moral law of God
Biblical phrases to describe sin 'Miss the mark'; Deviation from the straight path; Failure of integrity; Rebellion; Perversity/distortation of nature; Transgression of the law
Spiritual Death Separation from communion with God.
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
Man is made in the image of God, this means that like his Creator, he has a personality
The image of God in the human personality (in man) Intellect; conscience; ability to make moral decisions; permonition of & desire for immortality; ability to think abstractly; creativity
Why does human life have such value? We are created in God's image
Immediate divine creation theory God creates a new soul at every conception. Body is created by parents.
Pre-existence theory The soul pre-exists the body and that as it passes throug various incarnations, it becomes stained by sin
Procreation The human race was created in Adam; every human derives from his/her parents both body and soul through the process of procreation.
The Bible explains the origin of evil and sin in man in Genesis 3
Sin Disobedience, rebellion, pervisty of nature
Not a consequence of the fall of Adam & Eve The loss of the image of God
Nature of sin Depravity, missing the mark, going off the moral path, immorality, rebellion, failure of integrity, pervisity/distortation of nature
Sin comes from our human nature
Is it possible to live w/o sinning? No, but the H.S. help/strengthens us. Heb. 10:29
Created by: ymoseley



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