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Current Procedural Terminology

(2) digit modifier give? A more accurate description of the services rendered. (Example 99215-21)
A Triangle represents a change in the code
A bullet represents a new procedure or service code
Two triangular symbols represent changes in the text or definition between the triangles.
A plus sign indicates add-on codes
CPT-section 1 Evaluation and Management (99201-99499)
CPT-section 2 Anesthesia (00100-01999, 99100-99140)
CPT-section 3 Surgery (10021-69990)
CPT-section 4 Radiology-including Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Ultrasound (77010-79999)
CPT-section 5 Pathology and Laboratory (80048-89356)
CPT-section 6 Medicin-except Anesthesiology (90281-99199, 99500-99602)
All Add-on Codes modifier -51 exempt.
-24 modifier Unrelated E/M Service by the same physican during a postoperative period
-26 modifier Professional Component
-32 modifier Mandated Services
-50 modifier Bilateral Procedure
-51 modifier Multiple Procedures
-58 modifier Staged or related procedure or service by same physician during the postoperative period
-78 modifier Return to the operating room for a related procedure dur4ing the postoperative period
-79 modifier Unrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period
-90 modifier Reference (outside) laboratory
-99 modifier Multiple Modifier
Evaluation and Management codes key components History, Physical examination and Medical decision making complexity
Unlisted procedures (CPT manual location) located at the end of the subsections or subheadings
CPT manual uses what numeric system 5 digit numeric system rendered by physicians