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In Class start 1/12

In class notes for exodeut

The class is broken up into three mini courses: Bible background/general methodology for studying the bible;exegetical method (Exodus);Applying exegetical method (Deuteronomy)
Thomas Oden's Perspective on Biblical Study We can approach it lighthearted recognizing how little we know. Studying the bible doesn't have to be serious, we must be concerned with having the right perspective of ourselves as we endeavor to understand the mysteries. (key word:comic)
How should we read the bible? Critically (carefully)
The bible has empirically based (technical) characteristics, such as... Genres- narrative, poetry, proverb, prophesy
Bible is from the Greek Words__ ________which means_________ Ta biblia: "The book"
The bible is the world's all time... best seller
The bible is not just one book instead it is... a compilation of books
What are the two major sections of the bible? The Old Testament and New Testament
What is another name for The Old Testament "The First Testament" or "The Hebrew Bible"
What language was the old testament written in? Hebrew and Aramaic(cousin language)
Macro-level stories Creation of the World;Human sinfulness;Origin of languages(Babylon);Israels national history
Micro-level stories Tribal tales, family tales, interpersonal narratives
How many years does the First Testament cover? 1500 years
How many years does the New Testament Cover? 100 years
What language was the New Testament written in? Greek (different than today's greek)
Where are the Jesus stories found? In the 4 Gospels
Where is the story of the early Church found? Acts
What are the doctrinal teachings? Epistles (letters) how to think and behave
The basic definition of the bible The unique record of God's dealings with people over the ages
Michael Coogan's definition The story of how GOd interacted with the world and particularly with his people Israel
The Boring Academic definition The canonical writing accepted as normative for a religious faith. In Christianity, the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament comprise the bible. Theologically, the bible is acknowledged in the church as a revelation from God.
WHat is a canon? "reed", "rod", a straight stick used for measuring.
What is the biblical canon? The canon is the list of books that "measure up". A closed list of authoritative books- considered scripture
The Jewish Canon is broken up into three parts called.. Tripartite
The Tripartite includes 1.Torah 2.Nevi'im (prophets) -former and latter 3.Ketuvi'im (writings)-poetical/wisdom lit
The song of Psalms is part of what section of the tripartite? The Ketuvi'im
Jeremiah is part of what section of the tripartite? the Nevi'im
Ketuvi'im prophets and kings
Nevi'im Songs, songs/stories of sadness,also Daniel, ponderings also Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles
What is another name for the Jewish canon? TaNaKh(vowels are only present for pronunciation
Created by: ok2bpure