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Deut Concepts

Bethel Advanced Class Concept Cards - Deut.

Review of events from Horab to Moab Deuteronomy 1
Conquest of Sihon and Og Deuteronomy 2-3
Provisions for families during conquest Deuteronomy 3
Neiter add or take away from statutes Deuteronomy 4
Unique moral law makes Israel great Deuteronomy 4
What nation has a God so near Deuteronomy 4
What nation has such righteous statutes Deuteronomy 4
Exortation against pure nature worship Deuteronomy 4
Second decalogue Deuteronomy 5
God not to be tested Deuteronomy 6
Hebrew creed Deuteronomy 6
Ethnic separation demanded Deuteronomy 7
Man does not live by bread alone Deuteronomy 8
As man disciplines son so God disciplines Deuteronomy 8
Beware saying "My power, my might" Deuteronomy 8
Not because of your righteousness but because of their wickedness Deuteronomy 9
What does God require of you? Deuteronomy 10
Teach children the law Deuteronomy 11
Be not ensnared to follow them Deuteronomy 12
The law of the tithe Deuteronomy 14
The poor always with us Deuteronomy 15
Men give as they are able Deuteronomy 16
Origin of stoning the disobedient Deuteronomy 17
Free cities Deuteronomy 19
Peace offerings before war Deuteronomy 20
Laws concerning chastity Deuteronomy 22
Writing of divorcement Deuteronomy 24
Freedom for newlyweds Deuteronomy 24
Provisions for sojourner and widow Deuteronomy 24
Shall not muzzle the ox Deuteronomy 25
Blessings of obedience Deuteronomy 28
Consequences of disobedience Deuteronomy 28
Choose life Deuteronomy 30
It is no trifle it is your life Deuteronomy 32
Death of Moses Deuteronomy 34
Created by: jaywetherald
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