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Religon mid term

8th grade religon mid term exam review

God's free gift of making himself known to us and giving himself to us by gradually communicating his own mystery by words and deeds. Divine Revelation
our personal deliberate commitment to God. It is the assent of our intellect and will to gods self revelation. Faith
The living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church. Sacred tradition
The attribute of God that he is present to all of his creation. Omnipresence
having no end; timeless Eternal
God's caring love for us. The attribute of God that his almighty power and caring love that is always with us. Divine Providence
The heart of God's revelation of himself, that which makes God God. Divine nature
Who we are. Person
What we are. Nature
A word meaning take on flesh. Incarnation
A word meaning true teaching. Orthodoxy
A marked change in appearance, especially a change that glorifies. Transfiguration
The solemn agreement of fidelity that God and the people of God freely entered into. Covenant
An act that takes away guilt or makes amends for wrongdoings. Expiation
Christ delivering us from sin and death through his paschal mystery. Redemption
The choice of Adam and Eve to freely choose evil over obedience to God. Original Sin
The christian celebration of the liturgy that focuses on the suffering and death of Jesus. Good Friday
Allows us to turn our back on God and go our own way. Free Will
Jesus being raised from the dead to a new glorified life. Resurrection
The return of the risen Christ in glory to the father, to the world of divine. Ascension
An oppurtunity after death to purify ans stenghten our love for God before we enter heaven. Purgatory
the assingment given to our sould at death to their final destiny by Jesus based on what we have done in our lives. Particular judgement
the judgement at which all the humans will appear in their own bodies give an account of their deeds, and Christ will show his idenity with the least of his brothers and sisters. last judgement
The gift of God by which Mary was preserved from original sin from the moment of her concerption, by the merits of Jesus-FULL OF GRACE Imaculate Comception
It is proper to say thta Mary is the Mother of God because she is the mother of Jesus Christ, the second Perosn of the Holy Trinity who is true god and true man. Theotokos
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