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Theology IV

Semester One Review

Objective morality The view that there are moral truths that exist regardless of people's opinions. There is one correct set of moral goods.
Subjective morality The view that there are no moral truths. There are only opinions about morality. All opinions are equally valueless.
Virtue A good habit.
Vice A bad habit.
Grace Help from God to do anything good. God always offers it but we have to accept it.
Natural Law All knowledge humans can figure out on their own, through the use of their (God-given) intellect. Examples: science, math, logic, common sense
Humans are made up of... body and soul
The three parts of the soul Intellect, Will, and Emotions
The job of the Intellect to know the Truth
The job of the Will to love the Good
The job of the Emotions to attract us towards good and make us fear what is bad
True Freedom The ability to choose the good that God has planned for us.
False Freedom The ability to choose whatever you want, even sin.
Explain the relationship between knowledge and moral responsibility. More knowledge = more responsibility Less knowledge = less responsibility
Conscience It is a part of the intellect that applies the moral law to specific situations in our life. It is an interior guide God gives to help us.
True or False. The conscience is just a feeling we have. False, it comes from the Intellect not the Emotions, but sometimes our conscience also causes emotions like guilt if we did something wrong.
What happens if we don't form our conscience well? It will make mistakes and help us make poor decisions. It is also possible for it to be totally ignored or switched off.
Is the conscience infallible (free from error)? No it is fallible (can make mistakes)
Vincible ignorance (a.k.a. voluntary ignorance) Ignorance that we are responsible for, we should have known better, but were lazy about finding out the truth.
Invincible ignorance (a.k.a. involuntary ignorance) Ignorance that we are not responsible for. There is no reasonable way we could have known better
What is the definition of a true human law (4 parts)? 1)from reason/serves a real purpose 2)exists for the common good 3)created by a legitimate authority, and 4)created through an official process
What are the 4 types of law (in order)? Eternal, Divine, Natural, Human
What two types of law are infallible? Eternal (God's perfect plan) and Divine (knowledge God tells us directly)
What two types of law are fallible? Natural( knowledge from our intellect) and Human (laws people make up for society)
What is Original Sin? The first sin of disobedience committed by Adam and Eve.
What are some of the more important consequences of Original Sin? Death, pain, labor pain, physical labor, broken unity between God and man, broken unity between humans and nature, broken unity between man and woman, darkened intellect, weakened will, confused emotions
What are the two types of sin Venial (less bad) and Mortal (causes spiritual death, but can still be forgiven)
What is cooperation in evil? Actions we do that lead to sins being committed. There are 3 types; Formal, Implicit formal, and Material
What is Formal cooperation in sin? Directly and intentionally helping someone commit a sin.
What is Implicit formal cooperation in sin? Indirectly but intentionally helping someone sin.
What is Material cooperation in sin? Doing an action that leads to another person being able to commit a sin. It is not necessarily done intentionally.
What constitutes a mortal sin? It must be 1)of a serious or grave nature 2)the person must have full knowledge that it is wrong, 3)have full freedom and make the choice anyway.
Cardinal Virtues Prudence, Justice, Courage, and Temperance. Virtues a person can earn themselves through practice. They help fix the damage done to our intellect, will, and emotions by Original Sin.
Theological Virtues Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love. They are gifts from God, we cannot earn these through practice. They help guide us toward heaven.
Made in the Image of God means... Humans are made for a communion of love, we are made for unity. This is because God is a communion of love, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are united in a relationship of love.
Made in God's likeness means Humans are like God in that we have an intellect and free will (although ours are imperfect where God is perfect). *God does not have emotions because emotions change and God does not. He is outside of time.
Sanctifying Grace This is God's life living inside our souls. We want this all the time and especially when we die, so that we can go to heaven. We can lose it through mortal sin.
Actual Grace This is temporary grace that God gives us only when we need it. It can help us get our sanctifying grace back or help us keep our S. grace in extra tempting times. It goes away when we don't need it. We are never completely without grace.
Created by: mccl1000
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