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If I have a burn on my hand it is what region? Palmar
What is the combining form of the word Hysterectomy? -ectomy
If you are lying on your back you are in what position? Supine
If you are lying on your front you are in what position? Prone
Achilles Tendon is an example of an..... eponym
T or F? Eponym is named after first person who discovered it? True
T or F? Metry means to measure? True
A patient has a cutaneous disorder..Which system is this? Integumentary...skin
Suffix in cutical? ical
suffix ical means? small/tiny/little
suffix ule means? smaller
Can you decode the word asthma? No it is non decodable meaning you can't break it apart.
Combining form osteo means? bone
ipsilateral means? one side
bilateral means? both sides
contralateral means? opposite side
What seperates the anterior from the posterior? Coronal
What does efferent mean? Away from something
Prefix Peri- means? around
Prefix par means? beside
Prefix para- means? beside; abnormal
arthroplasty example of a procedure
suffix -plasty means? to surgically repair
rectus means rupture
-orraghe means excessive flow
warts on bottom of feet are what? Plantar
cabg means coronary artery bypass graft
t or f? diaphragm seperates superior and anterior cavities false
suffix algia means pain
If you visually examine the abdominal cavity you do it how? laproscopy
prenatal before birth
ante before
which region in directly inferior to the inguinal region? lumbar
suffix osis means abnormal condition
when a diagnosis begins suddenly and severly and ends in dying or recovering quickly? acute
When a diagnosis goes on a long time it is? chronic
perinasal sinus through?
disorder of the adipose tissue is? connective tissue
urinalysis, red blood cell count, ultrasound...which is an imaging procedure? ultrasound
periostem suffix? um refers to structure
which cavity hold the bladder? pelvic
enlarge oran megaly
the O in thermometer is? a combing vowel
suffix pathy disease
nepher/renal kidneys
dynia pain
picc luritheral inserted arethral cavity?
tosis prolapse, sagging
rrhea discharge
inter between
intra within
poly many
combing word colon lg intestine
prefix dys ankle
xray back to front posterior to anterior
hapi disease
a/an prefix no/not/without
burns on back? posterior/dorsal
qh every hour
thyroid gland region endocrine
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