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Events chap 6

xavier reaches japan 1549
shah ishmail estab. Safavid Empire 1501
Babur estab Mughal 1559-1605
Tokugawa's unite Japan 1603
Christianity outlawed in Japan 1606
ottomans capture constantinople 1453
Battle of Lepanto 1571
Battle of diu 1509
Osman finds Ottoman Empire 1290
Mongols driven out of Russia 1480
Reign of Peter the great 1672-1725
Catherine the Great comes to power 1762
Portugal established Angola as a COlony 1570
manchus find Qing Dynasty 1644
Canton system founded 1683
reign of King Affonso I of Kongo 1506 – 1545
Matteo Ricci comes to China 1552-1610
Reign of Queen Nzinga 1583 – 1663
Created by: Thebassoonhero