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Reproduction System


What are primary reproductive organs called? Gonads
What is responsible for producing the egg and sperm cells? Gametes
What are the male gonads? Testes
Where is Dartos Muscle located? In the subcutaneous tissue
Where is the Cremaster Muscle located? spermatic cord
What is tunica albuginea? tough, white fibrous connective capsule that surrounds each teste
The tunica albuginea extends inward to form what? Septa
What forms a single straight tubule? 1-4 highly coiled seminiferous tubules
What is the process of sperm formation? Spermatogenesis
What is the function of Supporting Cells? support and nourish the other cells
What are Spermatogonia? immature cells that remain dormant until puberty
How many chromosomes do primary spermatocytes have? 46
How many chromosomes do secondary spermatocytes have? 23
What are Chromatids? two strands that are joined by centromere
Each secndary spermatocyte divides to produce two of what? spermatids
What is the final step in the development of sperm? Spermiogenesis
What is the sperm's "tip of the head" covered by? Acrosome
What is the epididymis? long tube that is tightly coiled to form a comma-shaped organ
What is the Ductus Deferens? AKA vas deferens. It's a tube that is continuous with the epidymis.
What is the proximal portion of the ductus deferns? spermatic cord
What is the prostrate gland? firm, dense structure that is located just behind the urinary bladder
What is another name for Spongy Urethra? Penile Urethra
What are the seminal vesicles saclike glands that join with the ductus deferns to form an ejaculatory duct
Created by: dcarafa