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Unit 4 Vocab Politic

Political Geography

The desire for The Republic of Ireland to annex Northern Ireland because of their shared culture and history is an example of __________. Irredentism
After about 200 miles from any county, the ocean becomes a part of the _____________ where no person or state has complete control. Global Commons
What do you call a state that lies between 2 more powerful and hostile states? Buffer State
The breakup of Yugoslavia into six new nations is BEST considered an example of Balkanization
In Texas legislature was accused of __________ when they attempted to split the Hispanic vote along the Southern Boarder in order to ensure two Republican districts in this area. Gerrymander
The Sudan is a great example of ____________ because after colonial rule 2 rival groups were left to live within the same political unit. Superimposed Boundaries
The miles of fencing, border control officers, and patrols are a part of the exclusionary _____________ of the Mexico-US border. Bourder Landscape
Force or process that causes disunity within a country Centrifugal
During a brief period during the 19th century Texas was an independent country, and then is was incorporated into the United States. This process is known as _____________. Annexation
The Law of the Sea outlined the ______________, establishing territory rights to 14 miles into the Ocean and resource rights to 200 miles. Exclusive Economic Zone
the different voting districts that make up local, state, and national regions. Electoral Regions
The ____________ of India was violent despite Gandhi’s devotion to Civil Disobedience. Although the violence was mostly committed by the British, Indians also committed violent acts against the royal police until gaining independence after WWII. Decolonization
The United States overall good economic development is __________ because it instills confidence in the governmental system and a sense of national pride despite ethnic differences. Centripetal
What term refers to studying how geography, history, and social sciences affect international politics? Geopolitics
After independence, many Eastern European countries went through the process of ___________, decentralizing their governments, to separate themselves from the Soviet Union. Devolution
The __________ marked what part of Africa European countries could colonize to end decades of scrambling to control scattered pieces of the continent. Conference of Berlin
Of the ethnicities in the US only the various Native American tribes are considered a _________ because they all have similar goals and legal recognition within the government. Nationality
Country with more than one nationality Multi-national state
The European Union can be considered a ___________ because these sovereign states all share a common currency and have special rules regarding trade, travel, and economic development. Confederation
This is the only continent with no permanent residents. Antarctica
3 or more countries join forces to achieve a common goal. Supranationalism
An exclave is a country which is geographically separated from the main part by surrounding alien territory Exclave
political philosophy in which a group or body of members are bound together with a governing representative head. Federalism is the system in which the power to govern is shared between the national & State governments. Federal
government where the bulk of the power lies with a central national government, good for small states and nation-states who do not have a large area or many different viewpoints to take into consideration. Unitary
What term refers to the region between Saudi Arabia and its neighbors where neither country has complete control of the area? Frontier
The process by which a country settles in sparsely populated parts of the world, establishing political and economic control. Colonialism
a political unit with defined boundaries where the majority of the people share common cultural traits and sense of identity. nation-state
The US’s Bread Basket is in its ___________, far away from either of its coastlines. Heartland
What do you can a region controlled by a city that is independent from other cities? city-state
symbolically relocated capital city usually because of either economic or strategic reasons. used to integrate outlying parts of a country into the state. An example would be Brasília. Forward Capital
idea that if one land in a region came under the influence of Communists, then more would follow in a domino effect. Was used by successive United States administrations during the Cold War. Domino Theory
lines that are drawn between political units before the area becomes well populated Antecedent Boundaries
It is the Afrikaans word for apartness, it was the segregation of blacks in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. It was created to keep the white minority in power and allow them to have almost total control over the black majority. Apartheid
: a group of people who share cultural traditions of a particular homeland. These groups are immune to globalization because they have no use to spread worldwide, they simply will fight to control the area that is important to them. Ethnicity
state that contains multiple ethnicities which all contribute to form one nationality Multi-ethnic State
Created after populated and the cultural landscape is developed, often coincide with religions or other cultural distinctions Subsequent Boundaries
Refers to a region in the world that is experiencing extreme instability and is in danger of going through balkanization Shatter Belt
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