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Shang Dynasty

Discovery Middle School Chapter 20 The Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty The ruling dynasty or family that ruled around the Huang He from 1700 - 1122 B.C.E.
Anyang Ruins of an ancient city that belonged to the Shang in China. The city included a palace, a temple, and houses.
human sacrifice a person who is killed as part of a religious ritual
clan a large group of friends and family
ancestor worship honoring ancestors through rituals, such as offering food and wine to the dead
logograph a written character that represents a word
economy a system of managing the wealth of a country
Shang ren The modern Chinese word for merchant.
Bones with writing on them that were thought to tell the future. They were only a myth until a Chinese scholar discovered them in 1899. What were they? oracle bones
When archeologists found human bones under a foundation in the newly discovered royal city of Anyang, this suggested... human sacrifice
The main idea for chapter 20.2, page 196 is ... The Shang believed and practiced human sacrifice.
In the Shang social class structure, after the ruling family, what group made up the top level? nobles
What made scholars believe the Shang were avid traders? The modern Chinese word for merchant is shang ren.
The main idea of chapter 20.5 is ... The Shang believed in life after death.
According to chapter 20.6, page 201, what did having a written language do for the Chinese people? unify the people
The Chinese people believed that a certain hard stone stood for wisdom and the qualities of a superior person. What was that stone? jade
A new discovery was made by the Shang that would ensure their superiority for more than 500 years. What was that discovery? how to make bronze
Scholars believe that the Shang's greatest strength became their cause for downfall. Explain. Constant war and wild spending habits hurt their economy.
Created by: randy hogue