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Geography of China

Discovery Middle School Chapter 19 Geography of China

The world’s highest mountain range is found in China. The range is called… Himalaya
China is a land of extreme climates. One reason for this is… It has varied physical features and altitudes.
How does China line up for size against other countries of the world? 3rd
How does China compare to other countries of the world in population? 1st
What climate region is good for growing rice? Warm/wet
China was much smaller in ancient times and most of the population lived in an area designated as “inner China”. What was one possible reason? Outer China had the most extreme climate conditions.
Besides a fresh water source, what is a river’s most important attribute to an ancient people settling nearby? Enrich the soil through flooding
The Tibet-Qinghai Plateau is known as the “Roof of the World” because… Its average elevation is more than two miles above sea level.
This mountain range is at the southern edge of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau and contains Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth. Himalaya Mountains
What is a true characteristic of high altitudes? The higher, the colder because the air is “thinner”.
For the people of ancient times, why was the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau a challenging place to live? The climate is very cold and dry.
The Taklamakan Desert is one of the most dangerous deserts in the world. Its name means… “Once you go in, you will not come out”
The Taklamakan and Gobi deserts are two of the most difficult places for settlement. Describe them. One is mostly sand dunes and the other stony.
The only place to grow crops or raise animals in a desert is… Near an oasis
The annual precipitation in the Northwestern Deserts is about… 5 inches
The Northeastern Plain is located… East of present-day Mongolia
The southwestern part of outer China is dominated by the… Tibet-Qinghai Plateau
China has landforms that provided its settlers natural protection. Even so, what region did invaders often use to attack? Northeastern Plain
What made the Northeastern Plain not a favorite place to settle? The plain is too cold and dry.
The North China Plain is a flat region of grassland. A river running through this topography would be described as… Slow and deep
Why is the North China Plain often referred to as the “Land of the Yellow Earth”? The water has yellow limestone silt in it.
What is the benefit of silt in the Yellow River? The river often floods its banks and silt serves as fertilizer.
Why would the Yellow River be a good place to settle near? The flooding of the river would fertilize the nearby fields.
The earliest settlers in China probably lived by what methods? Hunting/gathering/fishing
How does the Yellow River benefit settlements? The silt provideds great fertilizer for surrounding fields.
How does the Gobi Desert benefit settlements? The desert is very large and dangerous and difficult to cross so it provides some protection.
The Chang Jian Basins are located... in the southeastern part of China.
The Himalaya Mountains are located... in the southwestern part of China on the Indian border.
How does the Tibetan Plateau benefit settlements? Grasses provide food for livestock, travel was difficult so it also provided some protection.
How does the Chang Jiang Basins benefit settlements? Transportation is good because of the many rivers. The weather is warm and the farmland is good.
What is a challenge the Yellow River provides? The river floods often causing much damage and loss of life.
What is a challenge the Gobi Desert provides? It has limited space for farming and is not suitable for grazing of animals.
What is a challenge of the Chang Jiang Basins? The summers are very hot and the winters very cold. It is very dry, as well.
What is a challenge of the Tibetan Plateau? It is too cold and dry for crops. The air is very thin and its altitude very high.
The Taklamakan Desert is located... in the western central part of China.
The Gobi desert is located... in the north central part of China
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