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8th Grade Mid Term Study Guide

Name the 5 Pillars of the Muslim Faith
What is the holy book of Islam called?
Name and define the three main Hindu Gods
Who made up the Roman Senate?
The period of peace in ancient Rome was called
Latin was the language spoken by the Roman Catholic Church in the west. What was the language spoken by the Church in the east during the Byzantine Empire?
The Silk Road was a crossroad of trade between which two continents?
Which emperor promoted Christianty as the one faith to follow?
Define Reincarnation
Define polytheism
Name the person the ancient Romans were worried could start an uprising with the people.
Define Nirvana
Define Caste System
Where did Indian civlization first begin?
Name the main sects of Islam
What occured during the Gupta Empire?
After Muhammed's death, the Muslim people split? Why?
The river that flows from the Himalayan Mtns to the Bay of Bengal is the?
The ancient city of Constantinople was renamed what after the Turks conquered it?
Define Ramadan
Who founded Rome and was considered its first King?
The greatest ruler of the Mughal Empire was?
Define Constantinople
Name the founder of Buddhism
Who was Theodora
Define the Second Pillar of Faith
The Koran/Qu'ran provides what type of guidance for Muslims?
Describe a key concept of Buddhism
What is the Eightfold Path?
Muslim women wear this to cover their head as a sign of their faith.
What is the importance of the city of Mecca?
Name the two ancient cities of Indian civilization
Define the term Nomad
Define the Third Pillar of Faith
Define Hinduism
group of traders traveling together for enjoyment are:
A follower of Muhammed is called a
What group of people made up most of Roman society?
Define the Fifth Pillar of Islam
Who were considered prophets in Islam
What do Christians, Jews and Muslims have in common?
What could a Roman dictator do?
What great Byzatine Empire was known for his code of Law that would become the basis for western law? What Cathedral did he build in Constantinople?
What was the time period (dates) for the Middle Ages
Muslim house of worship is
Describe the Second Pillar of Faith
Describe the First Pillar of Faith
List some of the major contributions of Emperor Constantine
In ancient India, what important holy document was one of the first written works in Sanskirt?
Buddhists believe that if you go without worldly possessions and comforts you will gain what?
Which two churches/empires were involved in a religious schism?
Define the word schism
Who was Muhammed?
How do Buddhism and Hinduism differ? What is their main difference?
Define Mughal Empire
Define Patrician
Who was Julius Cesaer?
what famous structure was built in ancient India as a tomb for his wife? Who built it? What was his wife's name?
Where the ancient Romans monotheistic or polytheistic? What other religion
What form of government did ancient Rome established in order to NOT have a king rule?
List 4 out of the 5 precepts
List 3 achievements that ocurred during the Golden Age of India
What did Buddha want to put an end to?
Whose rights did Empress Theodora help to improve?
How did Julius Cesaer did?
What inspired Constantine to adopt Christianity as the one faith of his people?
Created by: kfinnegan