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Theology I

Semester One Review

Annunciation When Gabriel came and told Mary she would be the mother of Jesus.
Who Baptized who first? Jesus or John the Baptist? Jesus baptized John in the womb.
What is Christian persecution? When people are treated badly, jailed, beaten, fired, killed, etc. for their Christian faith. This has been going on since the time of Jesus and still goes on today.
Who inspired the writing of the Bible? The Holy Spirit.
What is a saint? Anyone who makes it to heaven.
What is a Martyr? Someone who dies for God. They go to heaven.
Sometimes the Holy Spirit appears to humans as... a dove, but the HS does not have a body.
Who was the first Pope? Peter was made the first Pope by Jesus (Mt. 16:18)
What is Divine Revelation? God revealing Himself to us. Examples, the Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium
What is Sacred Scripture? the Bible, it is a form of revelation from God
What is Sacred Tradition? Teachings from Jesus passed down through the Apostles and their successors
What is the Magisterium? The teaching office of the Church, including the Pope and bishops
What is a covenant? A promise between someone and God. It cannot be broken.
Atheist Someone who believes there is no God.
Apostolic succession The 12 Apostles picked men to take up their jobs when they died in order to keep Jesus' teachings alive and to spread them to the world.
Jesus’ Ministry The three year Jesus spent spreading the word of God, healing, performing miracles, teaching and spending time with His Apostles.
Presentation in the Temple A ritual observed by Jewish families where they bring their firstborn son to the Temple with an offering. Joseph and Mary brought Jesus and met Simeon.
Incarnation God became flesh (human) through the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the child of the Virgin Mary. This is the beginning of Jesus human timeline.
Nativity The birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the Son of God and the Virgin Mary.
Who was king when Jesus was born and what did he do? King Herod. He tried to kill Jesus by killing all the sons under two in Bethlehem.
Visitation When Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist as the angel said she would be.
Finding Jesus in the temple The only story we get about young boy Jesus. He is 12, they travel to Jerusalem and leave Jesus behind. Three days later Mary and Joseph find in teaching the elders in the temple.
Baptism of Jesus Happens when he is 30. His cousin John the Baptist baptizes him. Jesus does not need baptism because he did not have original sin.
Miracle of the Wedding of Cana Jesus first miracle. He changes water into wine.
Proclamation of the Kingdom The period of time in Jesus ministry (30-33) where he spread God's good news, taught parables, performed miracles, etc.
Transfiguration Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up a mountain and transforms himself to look like God (burst full of light). This helps those Apostles know he is God.
The Institution of the Eucharist At the Last Supper (Jesus last night on earth which was a Thurs.) Jesus starts the Eucharist and asks his Apostles to continue to do it after he is gone.
Agony in the Garden Jesus goes to pray after the Last Supper and before he is arrested (and betrayed by Judas). He struggles with what he has to do tomorrow, but decides to go through with it.
Scourging at the Pillar Friday after a fixed/set-up trial Thurs. night, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate punishes Jesus with a beating.
Crowning of thorns Soldiers make fun of and mock Jesus (called "King of the Jews") by pushing a crown of thorns into his head.
Jesus carries his cross Jesus is forced to carry the wood of the cross that he is nailed to, through the city and up a hill to where he will be crucified. Along the way he meets his mother and the Apostle John.
Jesus is crucified and dies. Jesus allows others to kill him even though he could have stopped it because he came to earth to die for our sins and save us. This happened around 3:00pm on Friday.
The Resurrection On Sunday, Mary and some other women find the tomb empty, Jesus has risen from the dead. This is what we celebrate on Easter.
The Ascension. 40 days after Easter/the resurrection, Jesus standing on a mountain, surrounded by his Apostles and mother, ascends into heaven. This is the end of his human timeline. He will not be back until the end of the world.
Created by: mccl1000
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