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TPR Termiinology

tachypnea Rapid breathing
bradypnea Slow brathing
tachycardia Rapid heart beat
bradycardia Slow heart beat
systole The contraction, or period of contraction of the heart, especially of the ventricles.
asystole Cardiac standstill or arrest; absence of heart beat
eupnea Normal, ulabored breathing
apnea Temporary absence or cessation of breathing
hyperpnea Abnormally deep, or rapid breathing
bounding To leap forward or upward
thready Consisting of or resembling thread
hyperventilation Abnormally fast or deep respiration, which results in the loss of carbon dioxide from the blood, thereby causing a fall in blood pressure, tingling of the extremities, and sometimes fainting.
dyspnea Difficult breathing
fever Any body temperature elevation over 100 F (137.8 C)
febrile Of, relating to, or characterized by fever; feverish.
afebrile Having no fever
angina A condition, such as severe sore throat, in which spasmodic attacks of suffocating pain occur.
wheezing To breathe with difficulty, producing a hoarse whistling sound.
rales An abnormal respiratory sound characterized by fine crackles.
rhonchi A coarse rattling sound somewhat like snoring, usually caused by secretion in a bronchial tube.
orthopnea a respiratory ailment in which the sufferer can breathe only when standing upright
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