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WH Midterm 2014

World History Midterm 2014 swf

Where were trade routes established? Both along water (sea) and land (like the Silk Road) routes
Who was Zheng He? A Chinese explorer who explored from the east coast of Asia throughout Arabia to the the east coast of Africa.
What was the Japanese Code of Bushido? It was the suamuri code that stresseed loyalty and obedience.
What the Edit of 1635? It was a order from the Japanese government closing Japan to outsiders--no Japanese people or ships could leave and no foreigners could come into Japan.
What was the caste system of tradional India? It was a very strict social class system that ranked people from the highest--the Brahmins (prists) to the lowest--the Pariah or Harijans (untouchables).
Why would the culture of the people living in the northern part of Africa be more like the culture of the Middle East instead of the other areas of Africa? The geography of Africa limited travel and interaction between North Africa and the rest of Africa.
How were the civilzations of the Azrecs, Incas, and Mayas similar? They all had cities and complex governments.
What was a feature of the Incan empire in South America? It had an extensive road system for trade that connected the entire empire.
What can be concluded from viewing the temple and building illustrations from both the Aztec and Incan cultures? They both used advanced technology to build complex structures and buildings.
What was an impact or result of European countries sending out explorers? European countries controlled many areas of the world.
What is triangle trade? The trade route between Europe, Africa, and the New World.
What was the Middle Passage? The journey by ship of slaves from Africa to the New World. Conditions on the ships were terrible--crowded, little food, chained, and treated poorly. Many slaves died during the Middle Passage.
List two negative effects or impacts of European exploration. 1. Diseases like smallpox killed many natives who had no immunity to the diseases. 2. Many natives were forced to convert to Christianity.
List two impacts or outcomes of the Protestant Reformation. 1. Many new sects or branches of Christianity were started like Lutheran, Calvinism 2. The power of the Catholic Church was weakened
Who was Martin Luther? He was a German monk who questioned some practices of the Catholic Church. He translated the Bible into German (the everyday language or vernacular) of the people so people could read and think about the bible for themselves. He also wrote the 95 Theses.
What was the 95 Theses? Martin Luther wrote it to list his disagreements with the Catholic Church and nailed it to the church door.
What happened to Martin Luther because of his protests against the Catholic Church? He was excommunicated or kicked out of the Catholic Church. He started a new Christian sect called Lutheranism.
What did Martin Luther believe about the Pope and the Catholic Church? Too concerned with gaining wealth and money through indulgences.
What were indulgences? Payment to the Catholic Church for forgiveness of sins. This practice caused some members of the church like Martin Luther to protest and leave the Catholic Church.
Who was Niccolo Machiavelli? What did he believe about government leaders? He was a government advisor during the Renaissance who wrote a book called The Prince which gave advice to rulers. He believed it was better for rulers to be feared than loved and that leaders should do whatever was necessary to achieve their goals.
What were the big changes in thinking during the Renaissance and the Reformation? 1. People started to believe in human potential--the idea that your ability not your birth determines your worth. 2. People questioned the way things had always been and started to think for themselves.
What impact did the increased trade and travel have on Europe during the Renaissance? People started to live in towns and cities to produce and trade goods.
Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Artist, inventor from the Renaissance. Painted the Mona Lisa & The Last Supper.
Who was Michelangelo? (Not a Ninja Turtle) but an artist who painted the Sistine Chapel and scuplted Peita (statue of Mary & Jesus) and David.
List chartacterics of Renaissance art. Life-like, 3 D, included details like wrinkles, muscles, veins, bright colors, used perspective, porportional
Who was Johannes Gutenberg? He invented the printing press.
What was the impact of the printing press? More books produced for a cheaper price led to more books available so more people learned how to read and it spread new ideas from place to place.
Why did the Renaissance start in Italy in the city-states? These cities were located along water ways like the Mediterranian Sea that were used as trade routes. Goods, along with ideas and knowledge, from the Middle East and Asia were traded there. Money made by trade allowed merchants to be patrons of art.
What is a primary source? Give an example. An item created at the point in history e.g. Map, newspaper article, journal
What is a secondary source? Give an example. An item created after that time in history e.g. A book on the American Civil War written in 2013
How many gods do Judiaism, Christianity, and Islam believe in? One God; they are monotheisistc religions
Who was Confucious? What did he believe? He lived in China and believed that everyone should follow their assigned role in life for a harmonious society. He believed in the 5 relationships.
What is reincarnation? Belief that a person is reborn after they die The Hinduism religion believes in reincarnation
What is cultural diffusion? The movement of ideas, people, religions, languages, even diseases from one place to another.
How was the Black Death spread from Asia to Europe? Merchants and traders along the silk route and by ship, Muslims traveling on the Hajj, and soldiers using the Black Death as a weapon--launching dead bodies over the walls of the enemy
Why was Itlay the first European area to be affected by the BLack Death? The Italian city-states were trade centers between Asia and Europe.
What is Delta-32? A gentic mutation that protects the human body by preventing the bacterica (Black Death) or virus (AIDS) from entering the white blood cells.
What were some negative effects of the Black Death? Killed 1/3 of the population leading to no one to do work so goods became scarce and prices went up
What were some positive effects of the Black Death? Less people to work so wages increased; the power of feudal lords dcreased so more freedom for lower class
What items were traded by the African Kingdoms? Salt, Gold
What did scientists start to do during the scientific revolution? They based their knowledge on careful observation and experimentation.
Who was Galileo? What did he do? What happened to him? Scientist who proved the theory that the su is the center of the universe using his invention of the teleoscope. The church was upset with him and forced him during the Ingusistion to recant (or take back) his conclusion
Who was John Locke? He lelieved that everyone was equal and government operates with the consent of the people.
Who was Jean-Jaques Rousseau? He believed that government should exist as a social contract in which people have a direct say in how their society is governed.
What are natural rights? Rights people are born with--life, liberty, and right to own property.
Absolute Monarchy Ruler with absolute Power
Direct Democracy Government in which everyone has a vote
Limited Constitutional Monarchy King or Queen with some limits placed on his/his power
Representative Democracy Government in which people elect people to make decisions for them--US government is an example.
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