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Review for AHA BLS

Healthcare Providers Course Reveiw

where do you place your thumbs when providing 2 rescuer infant CPR? side by side in the center of the infants chest on the lower half of the breastbone.
Is is ok if your thumbs overlap when performing Infanct CPR? yes
what demonstrates effective rescue breathing in an infant? the chest rises visibly
If a child has a heart rate of 59/minute with a pulse but is not breathing, the rescuer should? begin full CPR
Can a person who is alone doing CPR use a bag-mask device? no, requires 2 rescuer
What is the correct compression to ventilation rate for a 2-rescuer CPR with an advanced airway? compression rate of atleast 100/min with 1 breath every 6-8 seconds
What is the first step after the AED delivers a shock? immediately restart CPR
what is the correct sequence for CPR? CAB
where do you place your hands to perform chest compressions on an adult? on the lower half of the breastbone
waht is the compression rate for all ages? greater than 100/minute
what is the depth of chest compressions for an adult? atleast 2 inches
what is the compressions-to-breaths ratio for 2-rescuer child CPR? 15:2
what is the compressions to breaths ratio for 1-rescuer adult CPR? 30:2
what is the ideal depth for infant chest compressions? atleast 1/3 depth of the chest (1 1/2 inches)
Would you begin CPR on a victim that is unresponsive but is breathing adequately? no
Would you begin CPR on a victim who has chest pain? no
Would you begin CPR on a victim who is having trouble breathing? no
Would you begin CPR on a victim who is unresponsive with no normal breathing and no pulse? yes
What is the first step in using an AED? Turn it on.
When is CPR started with a choking vicitm? when victim becomes unresponsive and the emergency response system has been activated.
What is the first step a rescuer must take when a potential victim is seen? ensure that the scene is safe
How long should you check the victim for breathing or a pulse? no more than 10 seconds
how do you decrease the risk of gastric inflation when using a bag-mask? give breath just until you see the chest rise
how long do you have to initiate CPR after you have established ineffective breathing and pulselessness? 10 seconds
What does the 2nd rescuer do while the 1st rescuer begins chest compressions in 2-rescuer CPR? Maintain an open airway and give ventilations
What is the first step to delivering effective mouth-to-mouth? opeing the airway
What is the second step to delivering effective mouth-to-mouth ventilation? seals you mouth over the victims mouth
What is the third step to delivering effective mouth-to-mouth ventilation? pinch the victim's nose closed
What does the rescuer do while giving 2 breaths? watch for chest rise
how do you compensate for a chld while using a bag-mask device for ventilation? give breaths at the rate of 1 breath every 3 to 5 seconds
Created by: biloxictc