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quiz ms. zordell

med terms

Alopecia hair loss POMR health chart is filing using a list of problems or diagnosis reflux hammer instrument used to check relfuxes turgor resistance of the skin to deformation
Amplify Enlarge inspection looking at scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine vaginal speculum instrument to view the vagina
Ausculation listening to laryngeal mirror instument used to visualize the voice box SOAP writing medical notes by recording subjective statements
Bimanual with two hands manipulation moving with the hands SOMR health chart that is organized by filing using a chronological record written by the source of the recording
chronological in order of time mensuration measurment speculum instrument for viewing the inside of the body
Goiter thyroid gland enlargment objective measurable subjective information given by the patient
goniometer an apparatus to measure joint movement and angles palpatation examination by placing fingers on an external surface tounge depresser instrument used to flatten the tounge in order to visualize the throat tuning
hirsutism overgrowth of hair patellar examination by tapping on organs fork instrument to measure autitofy acuity
Created by: restrada08