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Religion - Rziha

Rziha 1

Who is the source of revelation? Jesus
Why do we seek God? Because God has placed an inner longing written in the human heart that causes us to desire to fill an emptiness or void in our lives.
Natural Revelation: The process by which God makes himself known to the human reason through the created world
Divine Revelation: God's self - communication through which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan
What are the two streams/pillars of Divine Revelation? Scripture and Tradition
Covenant: A solemn agreement between human being or between God and a human being in which commitment are made
Magisterium: The Church's living teaching office, consists of all bishops, in communication with the Pope.
What is the 3rd section of the Old Testament? The Wisdom Books
What is the 4th section of the Old Testament? The Prophetic Books
What is the 1st section of the New Testament? The Gospels
Incarnational Authorship of Scripture: The Holy Spirit dwelling in the author which inspires them to write in their own way and write what is true.
Which sense of scripture is not spiritual? Literal
Why does God reveal Himself to us? So we may heed and understand the message of Salvation
In what ways does he reveal Himself? The word of God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, Incarnation. Got sent his only son to invite us into a relationship with him. God's dwelling among us.
Aquinas's 5 Proofs: The five ways according to Aquinas, the reality of God can be proved or logically demonstrated.
Motion: The First Proof : The First Mover: based on the idea the universe constantly moves because it moves and changes human beings see a need for a first mover, someone to set things in motion.
Causality: The Second Proof: First Efficient Cause: we realize that all things are caused by something else and that nothing can create itself. Common sense tells us that there is an Ultimate Cause, that is uncaused, or not created by something else.
Contingency: The Third Proof: Things coming to existence because of something else, but in the beginning there was nothing but a necessary being, God. God put everything into existence.
Perfection: The Fourth Proof: Some things are greater than others. Whatever is great to any degree gets its greatness from that which is the greatest. So there is a greatest being, which is the source of all greatness. This is God.
Design: The Fifth Proof: Intelligent Being: Many things in the world that lack intelligence act for an end. Whatever acts for an end must be directed by an intelligent being. So the world must have an intelligent designer. This is God and God Exists.
How do we know Divine Revelation throughout history? God has revealed himself to man by gradually communicating his own mystery and deeds and in words.
Four Old Testament Sections: The Books of Law (The Pentateuch), The Historical Books, The Wisdom Books, The Prophetic Books
Four New Testament Sections: The Gospels, The Acts of the Apostles, The Pauline Letters And Non-Pauline Letters, The Book of Revelation
Major Covenants: Adam & Eve, be fruitiful and multiply, Noah, God promisises not do destroy the human race through a flood, Abraham, will have lots of descendants, Moses, David
Four Senses Of Scripture: Literal, Allegorical, Moral, Anagogical
Created by: AdrienneNicole



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